Many people are struggling with the lockdown at the moment. We have seen many flouting the rules due in part, to being bored. There are many ways to fight the boredom and here are our top tips on how to stop boredom during lockdown of Coronavirus, I am sure it won’t be for that much longer!

How To Stop Boredom During Lockdown Using These Top Tips

1.Indulge In Your Hobby

What is it you like to do? Did you use to create art? Do you enjoy reading? How about playing video games? Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, do more of it. There may never be another time in the history of your life that you will have so much time to do more of what you love. Do more of it!

2.Buy Some Books & Read Or Take Up Writing

help boredom during lockdown by reading

Have you been meaning to read again? Now is the perfect time to pick up a book and enjoy it. Whether it is a fictional or factual book doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, reading can help take you to another place and stave off the boredom during the lockdown.

3.Play or Buy A Games Console

Gaming helps deprssion

Games consoles used to be associated with the geeks and children of the world but nowadays, game consoles have a multitude of ages, genders, and gamers of all backgrounds. There are many ways to play games, whether on your phone, Xbox One, Playstation or Nintendo, they are all helpful in beating boredom. There have even been scientific studies done on the power of gaming as a tool in combating depression. You can read more about this here. If you are interested in getting a games console we have listed the items in our self-help shop here.

4.Learn To Cook New Foods

Cooking is a creative act. A creative act with great benefit. Good food as a result! If you are interested in cooking new foods why not google some different ideas. I sometimes use BBC Good Food to help me look for new ideas and recipes but you may have your own go-to website. Why not take up baking? Bake a cake and share it with friends and loved ones once we are out of lockdown.

5.Learn New Skills

Learning Guitar

Learning new skills takes time. With so much extra free time on our hands now is the perfect time to learn something to strengthen your skillset. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with your work, but something that you feel you have always wanted to learn. I.e. Learn guitar, learn how to paint, take better photography. There are so many online courses such as udemy, Lynda, and others, learning something new has never been so easy and accessible.


Caring person. a trait of survivors of severe depression tend to be more caring. a woman looking after a young boy who looks troubled. Possiblt of indian origin

Many places still need help and support. You could use your time to find volunteering opportunities. In the UK, they are looking for food pickers, although this is being paid work, so if you want to earn extra income this is one option to stop your boredom during the lockdown.

7.Improve Your Creativity

man making large pieces of art

As already mentioned, you could take up drawing, painting, or even learn a musical instrument. We are all creative beings so make the most of your time right now and release your inner Van Gogh.


running good for depression

Taking a daily walk is very important for your physical and mental health but could you do even more? There are many ways to exercise, lifting weights, games consoles, and youtube videos. Find what works for you until the gym reopens.

9. Watch Some Great Movies

There must be an endless list of movies you wanted to watch but just haven’t got around to. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, all these channels are offering so many opportunities to catch up on great films and incredibly inspiring stories. We once put together a list of movies that have been inspirational to us. What movies could inspire you during your lockdown?

10.Work On A Project

Last but not least, you could start a project you’ve always wanted to work on but never had the time. How about redecorating one of your rooms? Or planting new plants in your garden? There is also the opportunity to start a business. If you have an idea you should start by writing a business plan. The Princes Trust is a UK charity that helps young people get into business but has some useful tools, like a business plan template, in order to help you start your idea and get it off the ground.

How To Stop Boredom During Lockdown of Covid-19

Whatever it is you do to help stop your boredom, don’t feel bad for not being motivated to do any of the above. Do whatever works best for you. I find setting out ideas and ambitions for my time during the lockdown helps alleviate boredom and also keeps me focused on positive aspects of lockdown rather than boredom, anxiety, and what-ifs.

We hope this list helps you come up with new ways to stop your boredom.



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