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What We Believe

At Seek A Therapy we believe that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to seeking therapy.
Not only is every person unique in their beliefs and culture, but some people prefer to talk, others don’t. Some like to be more expressive whereas others prefer more traditional routes of therapy and some just need some time to relax, unwind and work things out for themselves.
It is due to this very variable nature of each of us, alongside cultural beliefs and behaviours that Seek A Therapy was born.
We hope by sharing this therapy directory, shop and helping therapists we can help people find better overall mental and emotional wellbeing.
It is the ambition to make the website one of the largest, most user friendly, FREE collection of ALL types of therapeutic services that can improve people’s mental health and wellbeing in one website that currently exists.

I’m A Therapist, Why Should I Join Seek A Therapy Directory?

By including your practice in the therapy directory you gain lots of benefits. You gain access to a free business listing to help raise awareness to locals seeking therapy. Iit allows you to become a part of one the largest free growing networks of therapists. Connecting you to other practitioners. Publish your own events. Gain access to oodles of marketing discounts ( including websites from £399 ) and we educate you on the basics of digital marketing. We also offer you the capability to sell some of your wellbeing products for a very small fee. All this and its still growing! Nothing to loose and a lot to gain for yourself and for those seeking help and support.

Please join today.

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