if you have read the previous article to this one you will have learnt that I have done a lot of self-development work over the last 11 months. It started by working with Heart-seat of the Soul in the Wirral, a fantastic EFT, dreamworks and Kinesiology specialist. In June I attended my first UPW event ( virtual ) with 1000s of people from around the world on zoom,  and I am currently working with a counsellor EMDR specialist. I have also joined the Interaction Design Foundation and had a 3 day 26-hour social media BootCamp with John Lee. As you can tell, I have been focusing on improving my lifestyle and skillset. In the next few articles, I will be sharing several strategies I have learned from my self-development that have aided in improving my quality of life. I hope by sharing it inspires you to know you can start to do the same.

Start Your Day Positively with Priming

I have long been an admirer of Tony Robbins. The work he has done to help others, his genuine empathy and his hunger to serve has been inspiring. I’d always wanted to attend one of his events but I always saw it out of my financial budget. An opportunity arose to attend a UPW via a virtual platform. At such a cut-price, I couldn’t refuse and put my name down to attend in June.

There was A LOT of different information on how to improve your mindset, energy and focus and I would recommend anyone to attend one of these events.

One of my key takeaways from UPW was how you can start your day positively by doing a type of meditation called ‘priming’. I have shared the video below to show you how we did it and also, so you can begin to practice these most mornings.

Why do priming?

Tony explains by conducting priming it

allow you to filter out more negative stimuli to prime yourself for positive interactions, experiences and results

Tony Robbins on Priming

I find that each day I do priming in the morning I feel my day tends to flow better. By spending just over ten minutes each day doing priming you can remove any negative thoughts. Then, focus on what you are grateful for and focus on positive actions for the day.

Move your body

start you day positively by priming and moving your bodyAfter priming, it is good practice to get your body moving and your blood flowing. So I also try to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and then start my day.

If you can get into a routine of priming and also exercising, even if only around the park, I am sure you will begin to see an improvement in your wellbeing. Do you prime already? Do you have a morning routine yourself to put yourself in the best frame of mind? Please comment below.

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