Sometimes knowing what therapies are around you to improve your wellbeing can be difficult. Not only finding a therapy that is suited to your needs but also, many therapists don’t advertise or advertise enough so you are aware of them. There are many things you need to consider when looking for a local therapist and we have compiled a few suggestions to help you find the right therapy for you.

1. Consider Your Personality, Beliefs And What Therapy Options Will Suit You Best

find a lcoal therapist by understanding yourself. A picture of a man looking into the distance of a peaceful skyline

Each of us is different. The most unique thing about us all is our personality, beliefs and ideas that we have grown to understand as part of our makeup and it is important to consider this when choosing a therapy appropriate for our needs. If you or the person you care for are quite a conventional person then it’s likely they would suit more traditional routes to therapy such as counselling, CBT or psychotherapy whereas a person who feels they are quite spiritual may prefer to utilise some more alternative routes to therapy such as Reiki, energy healing, or Yoga and meditation.

Also, consider your personality, are you a person who enjoys talking to others and expressing yourself this way? Or are you more reserved when talking about feelings and may find it more beneficial to do some art therapy, drama therapy to express your innermost feelings and thoughts without the use of words.

Or maybe the person who is seeking help needs some direction, so a life coach could set some goals and help them to achieve them or a hypnotherapist may be able to get to the root cause of why you think a certain way by accessing the subconscious mind.

Whatever you choose, considering your personality type and belief systems is an important first step in getting the right therapy for you or your loved one.

2. What Type Of Therapy Do You Want To Find?

Find a local therapist by finding the right therapy for you. A picture of towels and some oils, probably representing massage therapy

Understanding your personality, beliefs and situation better will help you in choosing the right therapy you want to find but maybe you aren’t quite sure what hypnotherapy is, or maybe you aren’t quite sure what counselling involves? We have compiled a list of every therapy in our Seek A Therapy directory, researched and quoted other therapy websites to help you understand what each therapy is. Visit this page to discover an overview of different types of therapy here.

Also, if you are unsure of what type of therapy you would like then you can leave the therapy blank on the search and just enter your location, this will bring back all therapists of all types within your location.

3. What Kind Of Therapy Environment Do You Want?

finding the right therapy room for your needs. find a local therapist

Once you understand what type of therapy you want to pursue its time to consider the environment you want to pursue your chosen therapy in. Do you want a private one to one in someone’s therapy room or would you prefer that they come to you? Or how about a Skype session or online counselling? There are so many options on how to pursue the right therapy and ways to receive it that these are important to consider when finding a local therapist.

4. Ask Someone Close For Help Or Assistance In Finding The Right Local Therapist.

Find a local therapist by asking help with friends

Sometimes, when we are struggling we may need to ask for the help or assistance of a close one to look for a local therapist with us. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, those who care about us want us to be happy and healthy and will support you every step of the way. If you don’t feel you can ask your close ones for the support then contact your local GP for advice on suitable therapy, alternatively contact one of the local mental health support charities such as Mind and they will guide you to the most suitable therapist in your area.

It is quite simple to find local therapy on our website, just enter your postcode/zip code and a map of all the local services in your area will return.

5. How Far Are You Willing To Travel?

A fast car representing easy travel to a therapist

Next, you need to consider how far you are willing to travel for your therapy. Our website automatically displays therapists within a 10-mile radius keeping your therapists as close as possible. You can expand the circle from your location simply by dragging the slider up to 150 miles. Not all therapists work solely in their therapy room either, some will allow you to Skype or telephone them to discuss your situation.

If you don’t want to travel then please speak with your therapist who may offer telephone or Skype therapy as an alternative.

6. Have A Brief Conversation To See If The Therapy/Wellbeing Provider Is A Good Fit For Your Needs.

Find a local therapist that you trust

Once you have chosen your therapy, decided how far you can travel and do a search for your chosen therapist make initial contact with them. Most therapists want to ensure you have a good experience and that you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be able to talk about your needs and feelings openly and honestly. If you are seeking counselling it is likely you will see your therapist several times over a year so having this initial free conversation will help ensure you want to pursue the therapy with your chosen therapist.

7. When You Find A Local Therapist Ask, Do They Have Accreditations And Insurance?

Once you can find a local therapist that you are happy with its important to ensure that they have accreditations and insurance although not all therapists have the same requirements in order to be able to practice their therapy. Before using a therapist ask for evidence of insurance or accreditations. We will be putting together another guide on how to research whether a therapist has insurance and or accreditations shortly.

8. Does The Therapist Or Wellbeing Provider Have Recommendations From Happy Clients?

finding an online therapist can be great to help break mental health stigma. A woman rating her therapist with emotions

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to look at reviews of therapists from others. This will help you get an insight into not only the success rate of the therapist but also their working style, how long they have been practising their treatment and also what kind of things other say about their experience.

9. Use Google maps To Identify The Location Of The Therapy Room ( get directions ).

Finally, after you are completely comfortable with your therapist selection and booking your first session then you can use our map service to get directions to the therapy room.  We hope we have made it easy to find a local therapist and taken the stress out of this part of the research. We advise doing a trial run of your journey before going can ease your nerves if this is your first time having a therapy session so you know the environment you are going to. You don’t necessarily have to go in, just take the journey to see where it is can put that part of your mind at ease.

10. Don’t Worry, Being Nervous Is Normal.

a couple walking towards therapy for the first time. Man looks tense

Don’t worry, everyone gets nervous, even I did, the founder of Seek A Therapy when I was on my road to recovery. If you are still uneasy come the day for your first therapy speak to your therapist and ask if it is ok to bring someone with you the first time. Most therapists will agree to this as their main goal is to put you at ease and to help you heal. After you have had a few sessions with your therapist and got used to the way it works and the person you are working with to move you forward you soon will relax.

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