Movies can be quite powerful emotionally. So much so that they can help inspire us to take action or want to be like the characters in the film. In this article, we discuss ten inspiring movie scenes that may help change the way you think for the better.

Top 10 Inspiring Movie Scenes

Inspiring Movie Scenes That Can Help change the way you think

10. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind | Past is good and bad

The past can be painful but it’s made you who you are today and it’s taught you lessons. Letting it go entirely would be very difficult but to choose to learn to heal from it is important too. Not all of your past is bad but some parts of it may stand out and haunt your present making you feel depressed or sadly unable to move forward.

What this scene teaches us is that the past is useful to teach us things about ourselves and we shouldn’t try to eradicate it entirely. Past relationships had good as well as bad points and experiences, even if you deem them failures, all had something to teach you.

9.Vanilla Sky | Turn it all around

Every day is a new chapter in your book called life and just because your yesterday didn’t work out so well you still have today to create a brand new you. What are you going to fill in your pages?

Remembering that no matter what has happened in your past you can still turn it all around is some very powerful words and why this scene is in the top 10 of movie scenes that can change your perspective on things.

8. Me, myself and Irene | No more Mr nice guy

Being nice is great, but being too kind and not confronting people or standing up for yourself, being too sacrificial just to please people and be liked is detrimental for your health and welfare. In this scene, one police man becomes fed up of the world working against him and shows his split personality ‘Hank’ and begins getting his own back.

The message from this scene is kind and compassionate but don’t let people walk all over you just because they think they can because you are kind otherwise you may end up having a meltdown just like Charlie.

7. Rocky’s return to fighting| Underdog keeps going

Rocky has always inspired the underdogs of the world to keep going and with good reason. In this scene Rocky is getting beaten quite badly and is almost knocked out but he reminds himself some important words.

This scene should remind us whenever we feel we want to give up we should always get up and keep going, eventually, things will improve.

6. Inception | If this was just a dream what would you do?

Imagine, imagine life was just a dream. Nothing more, nothing less. If you knew it was a dream and could control it like a lucid one what would you want to create? Inception can remind us that although this life may or may not be a dream just like in a dream we do have our own perceptions of the story we are viewing and we do have the power to create our own realities using methods such as goal mapping (setting goals, read about the importance of setting goals to recover from depression here).  Create the reality you want to live by taking the first step and setting some goals.

5. Lala Land | Our perception of love


We all want love. Every human on this planet wants to be truly and deeply in love with someone that can share in our joys and support us in our heartaches. Lala Land helps us to identify the reality of how life sometimes doesn’t always allow love to flourish how we expect but also to reflect and see the positives from all relationships. No relationship has been a failure even if it ends because every single one can teach us lessons about what we love about people, what we love about ourselves and even what we need to do to improve ourselves and what we really want from a partner. This move helps us learn that all relationships help us in our life’s journeys.

4. Silver Lining | There’s always someone who is similar to us

Sometimes, we feel that we are strange, peculiar, there’s few people in the world who are like us but…there ARE people who are like us! Silver Lining shows the beauty of meeting someone who is tune with your world and understands your needs as well as their own and how when two worlds collide it can be the best experience of our lives as they show us things we would have never seen before. This move teaches us that there is always someone who is like us and not to feel so odd just because we aren’t like everyone else, we should live our lives for who we are and not for social norms.

3. The Pursuit of Happiness | Finally getting the dream solution after the hard work

We have all been there (…well…most of us) worked so hard, so so hard to the point of exhaustion in the hope of a better life.  This movie scene is highly emotive for the most of us as we can relate so well to the struggles of life and finally getting what your heart desires the euphoria that happens after the pain. This scene teaches us to never ever give up because when things are tough it is actually helping us to grow and eventually, at some point, no matter how difficult things are, you will reach your goals as long as you don’t give up.

2. Yes Man | Doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do

Carl is a man who always says no to things but after seeing an ex work colleague starts saying yes and life starts opening up for him. In this film it helps us to see that sometimes saying yes to things and taking risks can help us in improving our lives and meeting new people. Say yes more and start doing what you always dreamed of.

1. Big Fish | Courage to follow our heart’s desire

Edward Bloom is a dreamer, a man who always listens to his heart and follows it. This is probably one of the founders of Seek A Therapy’s favorite movies because it contains the most important messages. Life, by following your heart always is always going to richer. One day we are going to die, that is something certain with all of us, it is what we do in between being born and dying that truly matters, if we live with our hearts wholely we can have no regrets and we certainly will have the biggest adventure possible.

This film teaches us to follow our hearts and live life like an adventure.

Are There Other Inspiring Movie Scenes That You Like?

Are there are any inspiring movie scenes that really resonate with you? What inspires you to make a difference in your life? Please comment below.

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