Your Life Isn’t Over, This Period Is Just A Bump In The Road

Many of us struggle with some kind of affliction whether losing self-confidence, having addictions,  depression, anxiety, a whole host of personal problems and sometimes it can feel like we can’t go on anymore. Life DOES go on when you get through the pain and hurt you feel from your problems and it can in fact. make you a stronger person for it. In this short video it explores that even though you may be feeling like ‘giving up’ , don’t! This is the storm before the calm, seek help, there are many people who want to help you turn your life around. I hope the video that discusses why your life isnt over resonates with you.


Our perspective can really impact how we feel about life. It can be difficult to have a good perspective when we experience difficulties. Try and find ways to take yourself away from your problem, if only for a moment. Go to your local park and find some inner peace for a moment. Learn to meditate.  Begin a gratitude diary (discover why in this previous article), every day write ten things you are glad for, no matter how small. Whatever it is, try to maintain a perspective that takes a step away from the problem so you can see the whole picture. Your life isn’t over just because it seems a bit difficult at the moment.

( If you need help changing perspective please seek the help and advice or a life coach, mindfulness teacher or counsellor ).

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Don’t Give Up, Your Life Isn’t Over

The last thing you want to do is give up. Life sometimes has difficult chapters and life for that period can really suck! Some say life is a bit like a rollercoaster, many ups and downs. It could be said that it’s actually the downs in life that make us stronger. Your life isn’t over because you are going through a difficult time.

Don’t Let Others Put You Down

We are creatures of emotion. Emotion is how we communicate and can also act as a survival mechanism. The problem is when people we meet don’t fit in with our beliefs, morals and thought processes. Sometimes others put people around them down. Sometimes it is because they are jealous of you and your talent. Sometimes it can be because they have issues in their own life so it makes them feel better. Other times it can be just to impress the group of people they associate with. Whatever their reason for putting you down DO NOT accept it. The best thing you can do when people put you down is remove that person from your life, whoever it may be. Don’t let them make you believe your life is over, it only just begins when you choose to have the right people in your circle.

Forgive Yourself

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This is so important when difficulties arise. Many of us beat ourselves up for making mistakes and bad decisions or tolerating someone who made us feel bad. The best thing you can start to do is accept what happened and forgive yourself for all you experienced. Your life isn’t over but you must start to forgive and love yourself for any difficulty you have experienced in your life.

Keep Fighting

Life is like a book, some chapters are a bit darker than the others. It is the darker chapters of life that strengthen us and guide us to what we truly want to get out of life. If you are finding things a bit tough right now, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean life is over, you just need to speak to someone. There are many ways you can deal with your life experiences. By talking to a GP, seek therapy such as counselling, life coaching, or hypnotherapy.

You can overcome this chapter, learn lessons, and become a stronger person for it. What do you find has helped you on your journey to recovery?

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