I know how hard it is when suffering a mental illness, particularly at the very start of a recovery process, you couldn’t feel weaker and so different to a ‘normal’ person. Fact is, a lot of people suffer a mental breakdown, become depressed or anxious only for being strong on their own for way too long!

In this blog post I share you a video of a brilliant and powerful song to help you realise you ARE NOT weak for becoming ill, stressed , depressed, anxious , suffering addiction, having low self esteem or having any another mental illness. To carry on through life with the feelings and ‘real physical pain’ that mental health problems bring is not what a weak person can experience, they have to be EXTREMELY STRONG.

I have been there, I know how it hurts but I can tell you now, as you venture through your own personal journey and you keep fighting your demons you will, in time, become stronger and stronger as each day passes. Some days you will fall, no doubt, but take a rest when it happens, then pick yourself back up, you CAN do this!

Hope you enjoy this video and it gives you a lift. Have a great day!

Founder of Bom

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