Here is a lovely short video about what kids think it means to be successful. There is a lot of pressure on us all to be financially and materially successful and we have been brainwashed into thinking this is the symbol of true success. Probably by corporate entities, social media and such like, into thinking that is the only way we can define ourselves as ‘successful human beings’. But in reality, is this really success? Children are known for their direct honesty, rarely telling white lies to avoid hurting feelings. They have a complete innocence that helps ask big questions like this and get an honest answerback. The children in this video are asked whether they would rather be really happy or really wealthy. As you’d expect, a lot of the answers are varied  To find out the answer to the question of what defines success we go back to the purity and innocence of a child’s way of thinking. You might change your own view on what defines success and redefine one’s own thinking.


So What Defines Success?

To define success for all people is impossible. Some people would feel successful because they have money and the ability to do what they want. Another may feel that a loving relationship that lasts into old age could be seen as a success. Alternatively, maintaining good friendships or being at the top of your career can be another symbol of a successful life.

Moving up towards your goals. What defines success is in your own mind

What you really need to do to define success is to write down what you feel would make you happiest. Write a list of all the things you would like and then put them in order of what you see as most important. Once you have this list, keep it close and then work towards ways of making those things happen. You may need a life coach to help you stay driven and goal-focused towards bringing them into reality. To understand what a life coach does please visit this page or alternatively, search our database for a local life coach near you.

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