When I first set up this website a lot of people asked me “what do you get out of it?” as though I was doing it to make money, make my first millions but it genuinely isn’t for that reason. I know how hard it is to live with depression and find a way to get out of the feelings and lifting yourself up when it seems impossible.

I knew after having such little medical support after my breakdown how many more people in the world must suffer alone and not know where to turn. I knew I wanted to try and bring that to an end.

I wanted everyone to have the ability to have hope regardless of wage, regardless of race, regardless of culture or the place you are in the world.

As long as you have an internet connection I am aiming to keep this a website available for all who need it to be able to be guided towards ways of healing and gaining stronger emotional and mental well being so nothing can affect you as much as they used to.

I may never know if I have had a positive effect on others or not but at least I can try, that is all I can do and that is all each of us can do.

If we can all act with kindness in our hearts without fear of being judged or worrying about what others may think then the world can be just that little bit better for each of us.

Please, no matter where you are from whether the west, the east, the middle east, north africa, south africa, south america, canada, russia, anywhere. If you have something to offer the world that can help raise others please share it. I am still looking for more writers ( or artists , however you like to communicate) to spread the message that things can improve.

Please contact us and I will discuss the requirements to set up your account but in the mean time, enjoy this beautiful video and see why helping others for nothing in return can be one of the greatest wealths you can ever have. Enjoy!


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  1. Wasim

    Thanks a ton for the support buddy! It means a lot eselciaply coming from someone who deals with the same thing. It’s an awesome thing that you do, trying to bring awareness to the issue. I think more people need to speak out about this disorder, because is such a hindrance for so many!!! The more awareness we draw to it, and the more we let people know that they’re not alone, the better people will become! Keep doing your thing!

    1. J Wilson Listing Owner

      Thanks Wasim. I appreciate your comment. It is not just about needing to raise awareness but we also need to discuss how to create coping strategies for those who really need help and don’t always get the help that they truly need. If we all helped one another, particularly from expereinces, with kindness and non judgement I feel we could start to make this world a better place for everyone. A dream maybe but its a good one. Like John Lennon said ‘imagine all the people, living life in peace’.