Social anxiety is a terrible illness and can stop you living your life. Sometimes it is brought on for no apparent reason, possibly genetic but for many it can be due to many bad social experiences that made the person cautious of others and will do all they can to to avoid having panic attacks but there is one thing that can really help you, depending upon severity of your condition, overcome social anxiety.

9/10 of people are good by nature and the other 1 want to be good

When the founder was suffering severe anxiety due to having bad experiences with people in his past he found it difficult to trust people, in particular strangers and would avoid going out in the chance of seeing others he didn’t know and often, only go out of a night ( crazy to think that 8 months later he moved 200 miles away from his hometown. Proof that it is possible to beat social anxiety by challenging yourself and improving and managing thoughts and feelings with practice).

At the time of his severe breakdown he felt that the majority of people he met could have posed a threat to him or made him feel embarrassed or insult him in some way ( this is probably due to a combination of high stress levels, a childhood where he was bullied about having severe acne but more recently, the bad experiences he had whilst teacher training where he met two mentors who made his life very difficult and played mind games with him).

At that time, in his eyes from a sick perspective, only maybe 2 out of 10 people were good natured but gradually, through the use of exposure to social situations, CBT and combatting thoughts and feelings, he began to change his opinion…

Facebook post proves most people want to see others happy

I commented on a video on Facebook the other day as I was scrolling my news feed. It was a video of a man throwing a pie at random strangers faces and then running off leaving the person feeling humiliated and in a right mess. It wasn’t funny and I wanted to make my opinion heard….as did the majority of other people from different locations across the world!

The majority of people reacted in the same way (my comment alone gathered over 300 likes and counting!). Yes there were the odd buffoons that thought it was funny, many of whom were just immature but most people said how cruel it was and that felt fantastic to know…

anxiety sufferers, this shows people are fundamentally good


 …most people don’t like to see others being hurt or humiliated in any shape or form.

If you are socially anxious, remember, most people have a  good heart

So, if you are socially anxious, next time you are challenging yourself into a social situation please remember, most people you will encounter are good by nature and if you do have a panic attack it is likely people will run to your aid to help you.

Keep it in your mind always…

most people are ultimately kind hearted

below all the layers they choose to show, even the hardest of men, underneath it all they are kind.Here is a little video to leave you with positive feelings of people you are yet to meet.

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