Recently, I stumbled across a youtuber that says a lot of things that make a lot of sense and I decided after listening to a couple of his videos to share this one, a problem that many people have, caring too much what other people think of them.

No matter who you are, most people care what others think of them. To be disliked feels sad, uncomfortable and often a common problem that comes to the mind of someone suffering from social anxiety but when we take a step back and tend to look at things from a different angle and realising what others think of us is no bother to us and rationilse our thinking along with practiced positive thinking or (sometimes also known as CBT therapy, of which can be found in our therapy directory).

If you suffer from caring what people think about you I recommend watching video as it will bring you some sense of peace and ways of learning to think differently about how important how people perceive you is to you and how changing your thoughts can improve your quality of life.

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