What can we learn from seize the day Robin Williams music video?

 “…the human race is filled with passion, poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for!”

The power of this video of mixed film clips of films starring the late Robin Williams is not only incredibly creative by melody-sheep but also has other powerful messages that we should all be inspired by. Some of these points I found from this video are : –

  • ‘strive to find your own voice, look at it in another way’ – this line resonates with our ability to look at situations and things in another way. So when we think something has ruined our life or is stopping us moving forward we can either agree with the statement or we can choose to try and think of the situation in another way and that it is a challenge or something that can be changed for the better no matter what the problem is.
  • ‘the human race is full of passion’ – we all have passions inside of us that make us feel more alive than ever before. For me, it is art, painting and creating, nothing is so real than creating. Finding the time to follow your own passion even for no financial gain is very important to improve your sense of wellbeing.
  • ‘ideas and words can change the world’ – an idea really can change the world so it is important to be careful what you allow yourself to think. Thinking with a positive mindset and trying to improve things for other people can improve the world for them but also bring a sense of happiness knowing you helped another, probably our true reason for being alive.
  • ‘sieze the day’ – Life is short enough already don’t short it any further. We can still sieze the day by taking action today and making the changes we need to in order to life a more fulfilling life.

Lastly, the thing we can learn the most from this video is that Robin Williams had a hugely profound affect on the world but why? He always held roles where he was a kind, humorous and gentle soul that always followed his heart trying to be selfless for the betterment of those around him. We should all strive to hold the characteristics of Robin Williams characters.

How has Robin Williams affected your life and what scenes really resonate with you?

RIP Robin Williams a truly inspirational artist

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