Robin Williams happy, something that we associate with the late great actor is the ability to make us happy through what appears to the be the constant happy clown, but what we know now is it wasn’t always that way. It was five years ago today when Robin Williams decided to take his life but the sadness he left behind, not only in his fans, but also in his family is a void that will never be filled. Whenever you feel you can’t cope any more please don’t give up, seek help, take time out, do whatever you need to do, but never give up. Your family need you and the world needs you  too.

YOU are the only YOU that exists, remember that. 

Just like a movie your life story is unique and the best movie that has ever been created and still in the process!

Robin Williams happy

In any great movie the best main characters always go through dark and difficult times but they always overcome it.

I know right now it’s hard and I know what it is like to feel you can’t go on, where will you get the energy or motivation to change things, but I swear, things can and do improve, no matter what, always, things can get better with time and effort.

Don’t be another stat, seek help from the Samaritans, your local GP or any medical professional, there are lots of people willing to help.

What ‘lies’ behind the Smile

Robin Williams happy is a tribute to how amazingly he affected each of our lives but we don’t realise how people like this often feel inside.

You often find many comedians and kind souls are depressed or suffer with fluctuating moods but they put a brave face on things to not bother others.

That is the face of depression…it doesn’t have one.

Sometimes you never know that a person is severely depressed until they finally have a breakdown or take drastic action.

Never feel you can’t help a person talk about their feelings. Sometimes all they need is an ear to listen or an arm to hold them.

Let’s not forget Robin Williams today or the tragedy that falls upon so many people and their families many throughout the world.

Try to keep smiling but most of all ‘seek help’.

The samaritans are always ready to speak to you

13 52 47 ( AUS )
1 (800) 273-TALK ( USA )
08457 90 90 90 * (UK)
116 123 (ROI)

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