The film Gladiator with Russell Crowe is about a fictional successful commander of a Roman legion who was about to be given high honour of being able to lead Rome but due to the jealousy of the emperors son ended up loosing everything he had worked so hard to achieve and be turned into a slave, had his family destroyed and his honour, humiliated.

Inspirational Movie

The film has been hugely influential in inspiring me to push myself through my own difficult circumstances as I graduated as an architect at the foot of the recession and then made to feel small by work place bullies when I tried to retrain as a tutor and I had nothing at all, materially or physically with very little chance of a good future in my home town.

I felt a connection with the story as I was headed for a career that would have led to happiness and peace of mind if the recession of 2008 had not occurred, instead I had to give up my home town, my family and my education to pursue a career in something I had the ability to do and regain some of my financial stability.

At this time I was on 40mg of Citalopram and suffering with severe depression and social anxiety yet I confronted these feelings and moved anywhere in the world in order to pursue a happier and fulfilling life and to begin a career five years over due.

This song is written by Hans Zimmer and was for the movie gladiator about becoming free and free of both physical and mental difficulties. A hugely inspirational musician that I was fortunate to see in concert only autumn of last year.

The words are beautiful and again relate greatly to the power of being able to overcome mental and emotional challenges that occur that are out of our own control and usually in the control of those in power with selfish intent.

Please watch the english lyrics below : –

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