I am a strong believer that the only person that can heal you fully, that can change your life is nobody else but YOU. You have to take the steps, you have to listen to the advice from professional therapists, doctors and nurses, you have to act upon that advice and you have to choose to take the medication. You also need to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, you need to be honest to yourself but ultimately BELIEVE in yourself and have an unwavering will to improve your life and your situation (it is inside of you).

This 6 minute video I’m sharing with you today to try and help motivate you in understanding there is only one thing stopping you from changing your life and it isn’t necessarily others, or things or even the past situations that led us to this position today.

It really is our attitude and determination that is stopping the change from happening. Take some time, just 5 minutes to watch the video and see if you feel inspired afterwards.

My life example

7 years ago I graduated from architecture with no opportunities in my hometown or even in the next largest city an hour away to practice what I had learnt due to graduating at the foot of the economic recession. If back then, I hadn’t been stubborn, wanting to work in my hometown, wanting to stay in the relationship that actually ended up finishing and moved to the capital sooner my situation may have been different, I may not have experienced the severe breakdown, the financial pain or the feeling of having wasted almost half a decade in further, higher education.

I can see that now, I can see my health was partly down to circumstances but also choosing to make the easier decisions rather than the difficult one of moving way to find work.

In most circumstances, WE make life what it becomes.

Sometimes we have to take the hard decision. For me it was moving away to have a career in my chosen profession. It is difficult to move from everything you have known, it is one of the toughest things you can do but I am so glad I finally did it because it opened my mind, improved my skillset, gave my life purpose back and I also met my wonderful wife.

Make this year a great year, change your life !

So now it is down to you, realise you have the power to change your life become whatever it is you imagined your life to be but you got to be willing to make hard decisions and also take action.

You can do it! Have a great year 🙂

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