.I am a strong believer that the only person that can heal you fully or change your life is nobody else but YOU. You have to take the steps. You have to listen to advice from professional therapists. Doctors and nurses. You have to act upon that advice and you have to make the final choices. You also need to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. At times, you need to be honest to yourself but ultimately… BELIEVE in yourself! Choose to have an unwavering will to improve your life and your situation (it is inside of you). Watch this 5-minute video to and then set about a plan to get motivated for the new year!

This 6-minute video I’m sharing with you today to try and help motivate you in understanding there is only one thing stopping you from changing your life and it isn’t necessarily others, or things or even the past situations that led us to this position today.

It really is our attitude and determination that is stopping the change from happening. Take some time, just 5 minutes, to watch the video and see if you feel inspired afterwards. You just may become motivated for the new year!

Using My Life Experience To Show Change Is Always Possible And Get Motivated For The New Year

In 2008 I graduated from Architecture with no opportunities in my hometown. Not even in the next largest city an hour away. I had graduated as an architect at the foot of the world’s worst-ever economic recession. When recessions happen the building and banking industries are, unfortunately for me at the time, the first ones to be affected.

If back then, I hadn’t been stubborn, wanting to work in my hometown. Wanting to stay in the relationship I’d been in for five years, of which it actually ended. Choosing to be close to my family rather than put my career and myself first my situation may have been different. I may not have experienced a severe breakdown. The financial pain of no working opportunity for my skills. Or the feelings that I had wasted both almost half a decade in studying.

Looking back, I can see that my health crisis was partly down to circumstances out of my control. It was also how I made decisions. I chose not to not look further outside my local vicinity for work. If I had made better decisions and been brave enough to move away, it is possible that I would have become an architect.

We Choose Our Reactions To Situations

In most circumstances, good or bad life experiences, it is the decisions WE take that creates the life of how it becomes.

Sometimes we have to look at the decisions we have made in life so we can reflect. This allows us to make better choices in the future. For me, the biggest choice I had to take was moving away to gain valuable career experience. When I graduated from Architecture there were lots of reasons I couldn’t move. The recession. My younger sister being only 7, and my gf of 5 years also had a career in my hometown. I chose my family and partner over my career path only to eventually realise I HAD to move way to gain invaluable career experience. This only happened once my ex gf left me due to my career circumstances and mental health the day after Christmas day.

I finally Moved Away

Four years after graduating from Architecture I moved away from Liverpool but in a different field. I had retrained as an IT teacher and gained skills in web design. Combining my drawing and graphic skills with new found IT skills to become a web, graphics and brand designer. I worked for a data centre in Surrey, just outside of London and then several design agencies in and around London. Six years later I returned to my hometown with good experience, a career and a better position than when I had left.

It is difficult to move from everything you have known, it is one of the toughest things you can do. The reality is, I am so glad I finally did it. It opened my mind and improved my skill set. It gave my life purpose back and took me steps forward rather than frozen in limbo.

Now I am the founder of Seek A Therapy. A web, graphics and brand specialist as well, and hoping to help as many people as possible in the coming decade.

Make This Year A Great Year, Change Your Life And Get Motivated For The New Year!

Get Motivated For The New Year

So now it is down to you and your life! Realise you have the power to change it. What do you want for your life? Reflect on decisions and make better choices that will give you the life you desire. Look at your time usage. Can you implement a better strategy? Your life WILL become whatever it is you imagined your life to be. If you feel you need a bit of guidance to get started to seek the help of a life coach, counsellor, psychotherapist and more.

I believe you can do it!  Get motivated for the new year and have a great year and fab new decade 🙂

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