Today is back to the future day and felt it is an appropriate time to discuss looking to the past to help heal your mind and alter your future. In this blog post we discuss why looking to past hurts and opening them to be dealt with and how to do it successfully can help you overcome feelings of depression and anxiety.

Past experiences can leave us with feelings of depression

In life we experience a lot of things we like but also many more challenging times than sometimes linger on in our minds long after the event has taken place. These negative experiences can continue to affect our lives because we don’t let them go, we hold to them as an experience, possibly because we don’t want it to happen again, so we continue to think about it and what if that time had been different.

But how can we heal the past hurts , how can we let it go?

There are several therapies that can help with dealing with the past, the most obvious one is counselling. By talking to a qualified counselor you are able to discuss openly how you feel and then see the situation from a different angle.

Another alternative therapy that might also be even more beneficial is the use of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy puts your brain into a delta state (the dreamstate, you can learn more about brainwaves in this blog post) and activates the subconscious mind in order to look at the memory in more detail discover things you may have forgotten. Hypnotherapy also gives the opportunity to alter the memory so you can begin to let the pain go and begin to live your life and look to the future rather than the past again ( you can read about hypnotherapy in a previous article written by the founder of BoM and his first hand experience of the therapy).

Seek a talking therapy to look to the past and heal from the pain

Unlike in Back to the Future, altering your past will not make you disappear but your anguish and misery might. There are various talking therapies available but from a personal point of view I found hypnotherapy to the best experience of dealing with past hurt and disappointments that are stopping you moving forward. Like my therapist told me it is like running a virus scanner on your computer hard drive and removing them from the system.

Whatever you do today on Back to the future day remember, you can still have a more rewarding future if you let your past go, it’s not going to destroy the equilibrium of the universe.

Have you used talking therapies or a hypnotherapist? What was your experience? Please comment below.

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