Will you let your past strengthen you?

It is true to say your past can either define you or strengthen you.

When you go through difficult life challenges (as we all do to different levels of hardness), and/or experience people, such as bullies, that want to bring you down for their own pleasure or gain it can destroy your confidence, your self esteem and self worth.

Although those past experiences were difficult the best way to overcome them is to fight your self defeating mental chatter and see the good in yourself. In time, the fact you have overcome those challenges and still around to tell the tale will only make you a stronger and also more compassionate person to others suffering similarly.

The added bonus is that the more difficulties you overcome the more maddening it will be for your bullies who tried to destroy you and the more satisfying it will be once you reach your ultimate goal.

In the video included here is when Maximus faces his arch enemy Commodus who took everything in his life away from him he had began to win over the crowd and turn his fortune around. You can see the shock and horror on his face, the greatest thing you can do to defeat a bully is not to fight them physically but focus on your ability to make your life how you want it to be, drive yourself to become a more successful and compassionate person will only disappoint them.

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