Hypnosis can and does create a shortcut to what could often be years of talk therapy.  Precision Hypnosis creates the opportunities for us to learn how to improve our lives, when we understand what a natural state hypnosis is.

It is like the REM state when we dream at night, a place of imagination and a place to sort out problems.  Daily, we are in trance when we focus on a project, we take little or no notice of the sounds around us. Think about how vulnerable we were as a child, when things were scary we would find ways to cope or run away in fear, sometimes we did that so many times, or when in shock, that message of fear got stuck in our subconscious mind, telling us certain things were unsafe to do. That, may have been right back then, but now as a capable adult, why would you want to limit yourself to only be brave enough to do some things, you are no longer that small child, not easily bullied, not in need a crutch like abusive nicotine or cream cakes to fill the emotional holes.
You can find a whole new world of possibilities once you realise you are perfectly able to let go of those fears with hypnotherapy, allowing their release from your unconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy relaxes the conscious mind so much that it lets go of control and allows the unconscious to listen and take on that adult message, that new positive way of finding what you want for yourself NOW!

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