The pain that comes with disappointments, unfortunate events, being depressed, anxious or just constant negative feelings can be debilitating. It can freeze you in place in fear of moving forward. We may have to face a great difficulty day after day. But it is precisely this time of facing your fear and feeling the pain that our inner strength and personality grows. We can use our hardships to drive us forward and live our best life. In this article we share a motivational video taken from clips of the film Gladiator. Providing you with great advice for how to develop mental strength and gaining a Gladiator mindset.

Before Seek A Therapy We Were Called Battle of Mind

Before Seek A Therapy we were called Battle of Mind. Our logo was once a gladiator helmet with wings that took direct inspiration from this film. We chose to use the famous helmet because a helmet protects your head where your mind resides.

Also, when the founder of Seek A Therapy was really struggling he would repeatedly watch this motivational video daily. It helped to push himself to do things he really didn’t want to do. It helped him to face the worst feelings he had ever felt. So much so that it motivated him to complete his teaching degree he was undertaking.

He had pain in his heart as though he had been stabbed and he knew when he was in the environment that caused it he would feel worse.

Finding the inner strength to move forward was partly down to listening to the advice in the video.

He used the information and didn’t let the feelings and fears overcome him. He kept the thought and mindset of a Gladiator and, it worked!

How To Develop Mental Strength Like A Gladiator

How To Develop Mental Strength

Finding our own inner gladiators is important when we want to move through something that is a challenge. I hope you too can find the words in this video inspirational and it helps you too develop a gladiator mindset.

You too can find the inspiration and strength to complete something you feel is extremely difficult to you.

Put on your armour and helmet. Protect your mind. Arm yourself with the power to overcome your adversity and keep moving forward!

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