Movies are hugely emotive and can be powerful motivators to help us strive for our own dreams. The silver screen really can have a ‘silver’ lining with many stories having in depth meaning when you scrutinise the stories closely.

One film , as already mentioned, helped the founder to push himself through his limits and into a place he didn’t really want to be. That film was Gladiator. In this blog post I will discuss several films that can help in motivating us to find the inner strength to move forward.

films to inspire you to overcome depression

Gladiator – had opportunity and a good life but both were destroyed by greed and corruption

If you have read any of my blog posts already you will know how much influence Gladiator has had in inspiring me to move forward. In the film gladiator Maximus is a commander of an army from the north where he is given the prestigious honour of ruling Rome once the current emperor dies much to the jealousy of the emperor’s son.

When he finds out he takes everything from Maximus until he is left with a murdered family and no possessions or status, nothing. He then becomes a slave to fight in the arena as he is sold to gladiator trainer.

The arena is a place of fear and desperation of almost certain death and can be associated a little like the fear of going into an environment you don’t want to be in but doing it anyway. Fighting the fear that surrounds you and eventually winning back your freedom.

The film gladiator can help you never give up even when things are so bleak. What would his departed family want him to do and in the end he gains justice for his family and for his principles.

Rocky Balbao – The underdog that has little place in the world

Rocky, a very normal working class man with very little education and little prospect of a great future is given the opportunity to fight the heavy weight boxer and almost win. He overcomes the odds to eventually be crowned champion, standing in the ring taking punch after punch after punch but still stays standing or keeps getting back up when he falls down, something we all need to try and find in us when we are low.

But is not the fight scenes that resonate most with me, the most powerful scene is in his final Rocky film when he talks to his son and gives him the speech of how difficult life can be. Not letting other people bother you or trying your upmost not to and getting on in life is something we all need to try to do.

Man of Steel – Being different from everyone but doing the right thing

Sometimes we all feel a bit of an outcast but superman must have felt even more so. He could have ruled the earth with his supreme power but he chooses to use it for good. Superman has always been my favourite superhero whilst growing up. Nobel, kind, strong and always trying to do the right thing. This particular scene from the man of steel where he tries to fly and at first fails falling into a mountain for me depicts how when we try to overcome a problem but at first fail if we try again and again we will eventually overcome the challenge and it doesn’t matter if we are different as long as our intentions are good.

300 – Facing fear & doing it anyway

Facing thousands and thousands of soldiers against 300. Seems like the odds are stacked against them and they are looking fear right in the face as the soldiers run towards them but they never surrender and they NEVER give up even when offered great wealth and power the pride of protecting their people and what they believe in stays strong.

Facing our fear is something that is important when trying to overcome anxiety. 300 shows men that have dedicated themselves to warrior like strength but this comes in mind as much as in body and if you can face your fear you may as well be a Spartan yourself!

Eddie Mora ( Limitless ) – Citalopram & making change happen

When I was first diagnosed with severe depression I was given citalopram 40mg , a very high dosage but when I started to take this tablet I felt that I began to start my road to recovery and the longer I was on it, in combination with exercise and goals I began to feel anything is possible again.

Limitless was a little bit like this that when you had a clear mind everything seems more possible than before. A great movie and one of my all time favs!

Yes Man & Overcoming social anxiety

The Yes Man, is he really a super hero? In my eyes, yes he is!

A person who can say yes to most opportunity rather than shrink from possibilities of what might happen instead of heading it right on is a man of courage and a man who is living life to the fullest.

When I flew to Colombia alone and then came back and left my hometown to find work opportunity I knew I had to do it otherwise it could have been an even longer time looking for a job. I said yes to the relocation and it really did start to change my life regardless of feeling depressed or anxious I pursued this difficult journey and when you say yes to things when your heart wants you to say no things can start to change.


A movie about a man on his death bed telling people a story about his life and how amazing it was. The people he met and the stories that unfolded all seemed extravagant but no one knew for sure if they were genuine stories or not.

I feel the message we can get from this movie is that we are writing a story of our life and we will not live forever. When I have watched this film before I have felt some deep messages reside within the film and should be one to lift your spirits.

Silver Lining Playbook

A movie about having bipolar disorder that is onset by his ex-fiancée having an affair with her colleague and him finding them together.

This movie not only addresses bipolar excellently but also helps us see how motivated that the main character is to find an answer to his problem. Eventually, it leads on to him meeting someone else with the same condition and similar problems , setting a goal and it helping him on his road to a more peaceful and happier way of being.

Goals are hugely important to progressing your mental state and I feel the film will lift your mood if watched.

Gravity – Never giving up on life

Gravity, a film set in outer space were Sandra Bullock struggles to survive in empty space. The odds seem stacked against her, whatever she does it keeps going wrong and the very essence of her survival is at risk.

Eventually she considers giving up but then has an awakening…the scene above is close to the end of the movie but the power of trying your hardest to keep fighting and surviving no matter the challenges and difficulties you face is quite prominent in this movie and why it should be on your feel good movies to improve your mental well-being.

There are many more movies that I think could benefit your mental health with deep meaning and strength to keep moving forward but this would be a very very long blog post!

What movies inspire you and has any film really effected you life so much as to make change happen for the better?,

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