When depressed it can be difficult to see the positives in life , in fact it seems almost impossible to see anything good, how things in your life can improve or turn around and to feel grateful for anything. Sometimes we become so detached from reality due to our personal situation and sometimes getting too involved in the negatives of the news reports that we forget about the ‘real’ and beautiful world we live.

In this blog post we discuss several documentaries that may help you to not only help you reassess what it is that you ‘think’ will make you happier with life but also make you feel more blessed for the world you and I live in.

Here is our list of feel good documentaries that we think you may like to watch.


I guess this documentary I watched recently is the thing that seems to elude most people that become severely depressed. Happiness seems to be the ultimate goal , it is the polar opposite of depression but often when in the state of depression we are unaware of HOW or WHAT we become happy, what it is that would make us happy but this documentary kind of makes you more aware that modern living and clever marketing may have tricked us into believing what we need to be happy may not in fact ‘be’ what gives us feelings of contentment. Well worth a watch of anyone’s time!

“You must watch this even if you never own it. Joy is in the happiness of little things.”

On The Way to School

I was fortunate enough to stumble across this documentary recently. It tells true stories of several children around the ages of 10 from different parts of the world showing their commute to be educated. So many of us complain about standing on cramped trains, we become so stressed by our jobs but when we see the plight of people that have very little or can’t live close to ‘the best schools’ in their catchment area we become so upset and depressed. This documentary will tug at your heart strings and make you wish you could go to these countries and help change the path of so many that are so desperate to change their lives but also care enough to educate themselves to be able to help many others. Truly an unmissable documentary, watch this!

Living on one dollar a day

Imagine only having one dollar a day to live on, around 1 billion people in the world have that situation and it isn’t due to not being intelligent, or being lazy it is because it is the situation they have been given and that they are unable to change it in their environment. This documentary will make you grateful for the roof over your head and the food on your table and also make you want to do something to try and make the world a better place than just looking after yourself, it may even motivate you to improve your mental health and put what energy you have into something positive for others. These guys are fantastic to raise awareness of what others have to deal with and help raise your feelings of your own gratitude of the life you have been given.

I am

This documentary, although I haven’t seen it yet, seems like a fantastic journey of a man’s pursuit of how we are all inter connected and that we all have the ability to change the world for the better. After reading many reviews it seems like a hit with many people and so I ordered it recently on dvd and will get back to you shortly with my full review! This film, I imagine, will show you that you are important and that we all can have purpose to try and make each others lives better and happier.


Any documentary staring David Attenborough is not only fascinating but also awe inspiring. Nature is simply the greatest artist that exists on the planet and to see it unfold in a documentary can make you realise that the world is not just about the city you live in, it is the places outside of the main busy towns that make this world magical. I recently was fortunate enough to go scuba diving in the red sea ( Egypt ) and saw so much life and coloured fishes, almost flying through the vast endless ocean that experiencing this kind of life first hand is indescribable and brings a total appreciation of the world in which we are all a part of. Simply seek out any documentaries that explore wildlife and I am sure you too will find it as incredible as I do!

Help you see life differently from documentaries

Are there any other documentaries that you think changed the perspective of the world and made you inspired to change your life? Please feel free to comment below and also share this list with your friends and family. Thank you.

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