• Were you helped to deal with your diagnosis?
  • Did someone explain it all, the treatments and procedures?
  • Did they tell you the prognosis, or possible outcomes?

How did that feel?

Did they then help you with those feelings?

Is so then I suspect you are one of the lucky ones because my own experience and that of my family and friends would suggest this is not routine at all.

I think it needs to be.

When it was confirmed I had ME/CFS, the doctor told me there was nothing they could do for me, and essentially I was packed off to deal with it on my own.I left that room in a panic, feeling terrified, alone, unsupported, confused and afraid about what the future might hold.

I don’t think that’s ok.

This sort of unsupportive way of dealing with diagnosis creates high levels of stress which interferes with the very thing we really need, which is to be in a calm healing state. By the time I understood all this I was fortunate enough to have EFT and a therapist in my life. I went back and worked through the shock of having my illness confirmed and being told there was nothing they could do to help heal me.

I wept as I released the emotional impact of that morning.

I then went on to challenge my beliefs about the illness, I wanted to heal not surrender to the generally accepted ideas about where I would end up and for how long; read potentially decades of illness, neither did I want a pill for all my ills.

As I dived below my conscious thoughts and feelings I found a lot of fears about my chances of recovering. Over the years I had picked up many limiting beliefs about ME/CFS. My unconscious mind was running tapes which did not support my conscious ideas about recovery.

Through writing and using EFT I was able to free myself of the emotions and feelings attached to my beliefs and to change the way I looked at my diagnosis. I came to see it was information from my body, mind and spirit. I realised I had a choice, I was not stuck up the dead-end alley I initially believed, there was hope.

In my ideal world we would all be offered this sort of help and support.

We would be offered EFT to deal with the stress, shock and trauma of being given a diagnosis. We would have time to work through our feelings about it, to come to terms with what we have been told, and also the space to challenge the beliefs we have about what it might mean.

When we buy into the conventionally accepted ideas about our illness we may have all hope of ever again living a full and healthy life stripped away from us. If, however, we are supported to work through our fears, through the beliefs we have we may find we begin to feel differently, other possibilities can open up to us.

We can choose what to take on and what not to, we can choose to seek alternative ideas which support our healing, either on their own or along side conventional treatments. We can be freed from the confines of our diagnosis and instead see it for what it is.
Our bodies are speaking to us, they are trying to tell us something. Sometimes, if we haven’t been paying attention they will speak loudly and acutely, at other times there will be an on-going chronic grumbling. Either way it is information and what we do with that information is critical as regards the direction our lives will take.

So, if you are struggling to come to terms with a diagnosis or you know you are still in a state of shock or trauma about how and what you were told, try some EFT, I have a guide here, or book a free no-obligation consultation with me where we can discuss your issues and how I might help you with those. You can book here.

Whatever the outcome to be free of fear, to be calmer and to find acceptance of what is, is a huge gift we all deserve to receive.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.”
Helen Keller

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