Recently, a colleague of mine mentioned he had heard a song on the radio. The song was ‘Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen‘ a song with a great message and a song that dispenses advice, similair to why this website was setup, to help people find the path to a more fulfilling and healthy life. In this blog post I will discuss the song and the idea of dispensing advice and the importance of listening to people who have already experienced things you are yet to or that know what they would do differently if they had their time again.

Where does the song’s lyrics originate from?

The lyrics are taken from a famous essay — written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune — which gives some amazing advice for life. Most of it is excellent and is always worth a listen to both show you how valuable things are that we take for granted but also to become more aware of ourselves so we can see what is causing us upset or ill health.

Sometimes we forget to listen to our elders or value the little things we already have but it is important we start to appreciate them so we can get the most value out of our individual lives.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth

When young we think we will always be and we can have a tendency to think we are not as beautiful as x, y or z. We worry too much about what the future has in store, whether we will get that dream job, that perfect partner or a good home. Stop.

Be young and be like a child no matter how old you get, it makes any problem less problematic and adds joy to your life.

Don’t worry about the future


When suffering depression we can have a tendency to think things will never improve. We look to the future thinking “OH MY GOD! HOW THE HELL AM I GETTING OUT OF THIS??”. Take it step by step, find things that improve your mood, the more you do that the more likely you are to find yourself again.

Live for now, do what you love and the future will become more bright day by day.

Do one thing every day that scares you

good advice , face your fear

This is tricky but true.

When you confront fear you become stronger and less scared of change, unaffected by people’s judgemental comments as you begin to realise nothing is as bad as you imagine it in your mind and nothing can affect you if don’t allow it to.

‘Fear of the future’ of what could happen stops us living a full life, try to eliminate it even by meditating.


sing when you can

It doesn’t matter if you are beyonce or z factor contestant. Sing in the shower, sing whenever you are doing the dishes, sing a song you know lifts you up, you will automatically feel a better mood.

Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts or put up with people who are reckless with yours

depressed man image

Being in relationships or friendships that do not value you or appreciate your wants and needs are toxic. The founder of BoM was in a relationship for 7 years that for a long period of time both parties where unhappy but chose to stay together.

Leaving a toxic relationship is hard, you worry about the other person, you worry whether you will meet someone else but at the end of the day there are billions of people in this world, find the right ones for your life and for theirs!

Don’t waste time with jealousy

Its hard not to get jealous of people with more ‘material wealth‘ than you but this comes back to valuing little things that you have and not all things worth having our ‘material’. Good health, good humour, appreciation of when you have little and not needing material things to be happy are just a few things that some people with wealth don’t have and likewise they have things you don’t.

Instead, be happy for the people who have what you want but realise there are many qualities and things you have that they don’t.

The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself

the fight is with yourself, no one else

Never a truer statement, how often are you questioning yourself? Your ability to get that new job? Are you good enough at it? Why does your partner love you? Why did you make that decision you know you shouldn’t? Why haven’t you achieved that goal yet?

It is good to have goals but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach those targets by the time you expected, take stock, look back and remember how far you have come regardless!

Remember the compliments and forget the insults


I used to be extremely bothered by other people’s opinions of me, I admit, I still am on occasions but mostly I now don’t care 90% of the time. If people have a problem with you it is their problem not yours, all that really matters are the people that appreciate you not the ones that want to put you down. Half the time people berate you or make others feel small is for their own self gain in their ego and conceal their own insecurities that they possess.

Don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either

dont big yourself up too much

Having a big ego is not attractive to anyone including yourself. It is good to be proud of great achievements but don’t overdo it…sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. When you are down remember that things will and can always get better.

Enjoy your body

do computer games help heal depression? maybe with wii fit. this image shows a man about to run

Your body is the greatest tool you will ever own. It is so important that we learn to appreciate it and develop it. Exercising it, although finding time can be hard, will not only strengthen your body and improve your appearance but also lift your spirits. Want to know what happens to your brain when you exercise read this article here.


Dancing, a bit like exercise, also boosts your mood. Dancing allows us to be playful and it doesn’t matter where you do it, it can even be in your living room!

Make time to dance and dance like nobody is watching just like this guy below!

Don’t read beauty magazines


Beauty magazines are fantasty. Fact. No one inside beauty magazines are really, every one of them will be photoshopped to some degree whether thinned out, removed blemishes on the skin or improving the structure of the body.

Don’t compare yourself to models as it will only upset you, we are all beautiful in our own way.

Get to know your parents, be nice to your siblings


Your family are the ones who will always be there for you no matter the situation or what mistakes you make through your life. Never be so stubborn as to keep a rift between loved ones, let it go, discuss your differences and keep these relationships close.

Friends come and go


It is true, very few friends will stay close to you as you grow a family and travel the globe in search of a suitable place to settle down. One friend may stay by your side but the majority of friends change so its important to be comfortable with the idea of being alone so you don’t have an over reliance on other people ( although nice to be in groups ), true strength and contenment comes in being able to be your own person and if people want to share your experiences with you then great.

Don’t worry if you don’t have too many friends, the important people will stick around, be happy with yourself.



Travelling is so important to expanding your mind and it can make your problems seem to small in comparison to the size of the globe and the variety of experiences that the earth has to offer. It is hard to stay depressed when you realise that there are so many opportunities to experience different things. If you can, try to travel, it will make you more open minded and also make you more tolerant of difficult circumstances.

You too will get old


Getting old is inevitable (unless you decide to get frozen!) so why waste time being depressed? Make time to get yourself out of this feeling, it is possible, small steps at a time.

Don’t worry about getting old though, just enjoy every moment as though it is your last using many techniques to find your own path.

Respect your elders

Older people have lived life, we should respect what they have to say and listen to their advice even if we don’t agree totally with it. These elders have been through an awful lot of life experiences and some hard difficulties, sometimes they divulge advice to try and help you not make the same mistakes.

Don’t always be influenced by your elders, have your own opinion and viewpoints but always respect them because life is hard at times and they have survived those challenges.

Don’t expect others to support you

The importance of the breath to calm your mind. Picture shows a man breathing in whilst looking at the sky.

People won’t always support you, they will disagree with you and sometimes you will have a different opinion to everyone who surrounds you but that’s okay.

Sometimes you have to be strong and support your own beliefs and likewise, sometimes you have to be your own healthcare system, finding self healing methods and why this website was setup to help guide you to find things that you may find works well for you.

Don’t mess too much with your hair


Don’t concern yourself too much with your appearance, if you over do it you may look a bit like a shriveled up prune by the time you are 50. It is okay to look after yourself but when you consume yourself with avoiding wrinkles, having a tan and colouring your hair when young it is likely to age you horribly.

Don’t worry so much about you appearance, just relax, keep yourself clean and smooth.

What advice would you contain in your own sunscreen song?

Personally, I think this song is fantastic and every point is hugely valid and worthwhile considering. I think what this song does really well is that we both take things for granted but we also are too hard on ourselves and the situation we are in. When you listen to the advice of the speaker you realise maybe you have been thinking about things slightly wrong, but the good news is, with time and with practice it can change.

TASK : 10 negative thoughts change to positive thinking

Write out 10 things that you think are negative thoughts, now write it again but the total opposite. So for example ‘i am not good looking and overweight’ may be a negative thought you have regularly change it to ‘I am happy in myself and i think my eyes are beautiful (replace with your own good point)’.

Another example ‘I am so poor right now, I will never achieve anything I have wanted by a certain age’. Change it to ‘I have come so far in my life , I may not have all I have wanted materially right now but I have enough to keep my warm, food on the table and I can afford a holiday/a car/cigarrettes/see friends etc’.

Give yourself the best advice, and try actively changing your negative thoughts into positive ones. You can do it! Please comment how you get on in the box below.

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