When depressed it is really hard to see the positive in life and we tend to get into a negative way of thinking. Well today is international happy day and with that being the case here are 20 things that might just put a little smile on your face.

1. It’s the first day of spring

spring fields

Today is the first day of spring and that means warmer weather and flowers blooming and the bees buzzing. Things are starting to live again and this season can be one to start a fresh again.

2. Evenings are getting brighter

The days are starting to get longer again and no longer will we wake up in the dark and go home in the dark. Light has returned to our lives so if you suffer with undiagnosed SAD then you are going to notice a lift in your mood.

3. We are starting to see more awareness on equality


Society is changing, we are seeing more people come forward seeking equality for everyone. It is a still long and rocky road with many obstacles to overcome but women are starting to get a fairer chance in the job market in the West and we have seen in India a rise in awareness of how vulnerable women have been in the country.

Not only sex equality but we are also beginning to see financial equality becoming a major issue in the UK and US with many protests and people raising awareness of unfair practice.

4. Mental health awareness and understanding is increasing

mental health awareness

As we saw one of the worst economic recessions in history and many personal difficulties arise because of it many people became unstable and more aware of their own thoughts and feelings. In the UK 1 in 4 people will now suffer with a mental illness but we have already seen the Lib dems commits over 1.25 Billion pounds to the mental welfare of young people and more and more people are setting up blogs, vlogs and podcasts talking about their experiences in hope to inspire others and help one another.

5. Having the internet in our lives

The internet makes the world smaller and knowledge closer. It doesn’t matter where we are now we can communicate and connect with like minds throughout the globe. An invention that has brought great possibilities and enriched all our lives.

6. Today is a new day

the importance of the breath

Simple as it may seem but every day is a new chance to turn it all around. No matter what happened yesterday today can be a clean slate and the ability to take another chance at having a wonderful time and experience that you haven’t had before.

7. It’s nearly the weekend

We all love work don’t we! Of course we do! But when it is the weekend you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and relaxation and be able to do what you want to do.

8. The world is full of beautiful experiences

We are barraged with negative news all the time from the media, I usually check it at lunch to see what is going on in the world but my word, its full of negativity! Luckily I also stumbled across a good news website which I am now following and you can too if you like http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/

Its quite easy to forget the world has a lot of beauty when depressed so here is a mini video of our earth to help you remember

9. World is full of humour

We sometimes forget to laugh at situations and take things seriously but deep down we all love a good laugh and it can help in raising our spirits.

10. The world and its people are wondrous

It is to easy to focus on human nature’s negative aspects but are fellow humans really are fantastic and have created some inspirational pieces of engineering like the pyramids, the colosseum, the stonehenge, new york, Dubai and we have also seen some very inspirational figures in our time. We must be happy and grateful for these people that have enhanced our experiences and understanding of life, we are all incredibly creative beings.

11. Starting to notice similarities rather than differences

The internet not only shrinks boundaries and borders but it also strips back identity so much as that age, gender, appearance become less important and understanding and similar interests become more important than the usual status quo of society. Breaking down barriers such as this helps us feel more connected to others and that there are other people in the world that have similar thinking even when we feel there is no one else who thinks similarly to us.

12. Opportunity to travel becoming easier


Travelling now is a lot easier and cheaper than it has been for a long time and with the dollar rising against the euro and pound it is the perfect opportunity for americans to visit the other side of the atlantic. For Brits Europe is also looking promising as flying by air, sea or land has vastly reduced in price. My partner and I recently travelled from London to Paris return for £40 each via coach and ferry such is the reduction in cost of transportation.

Travelling not only alleviates a sad mood but opens your mind to other’s cultures and ways of living and is hugely enriching for your life.

13. Meditating becoming a normal activity

Meditating has always been seen as something that is for the ‘new age hippy’ and I remember when I first had a go I did feel a bit strange focusing on the internal thoughts, the breath and sitting still. It was all a bit strange but now it is becoming common place for a better sense of wellbeing and is also sometimes now called ‘mindfulness’.

14. Easier to learn new things

Learning new things is becoming easier and easier and also cheaper than attending university. Youtube , Lynda and Udemy are just three places where you can learn new skills and ways of doing things from.

This is fantastic as it doesn’t matter where you are in the world as long as you have access to the internet then you can learn almost anything you want and remove the need for university study which can be very very expensive.

15. Becoming more aware of ourselves and our thoughts

An increasing awareness of how we feel, where we are in the world and why we feel what we feel all lead to a greater feeling of wellbeing and understanding of our place in the world. By studying our own thoughts we realise we have the power to change them from one of negativity and complaining nature to seeing the positive aspect in all things.

16. You have a comfortable bed to sleep in

It is proven that getting adequate sleep can really promote your sense of happiness and counteract any negative feelings or thoughts. Simply waking up in a better mood can have a positive effect on your whole day. Something that seems simple but can be vastly rewarding.

17. More people are helping one another

It may not seem it with wars in the middle east, Ukraine and instability in Africa but more and more people are helping one another and helping others also helps yourself to feel better about your life’s current situation as much as improving the lives of others.

18. There is always somebody who cares

Even when friends and family are few there is always someone in the world that will and does care about you and your welfare.

19. Becoming grateful for the little things

As material things such as owning a home and the latest gadgets become out of reach due to inflation and personal circumstances you begin to appreciate the smaller things that surround you such as a beautiful sunny day, the ability to be creative, having your favourite cup of coffee, a family that loves you and breathing a breath of fresh air.

These simple things we take for granted can be more and more rewarding the more you look inside of  yourself.

20. Despite all you’ve been through you are still here

international happiness day

You have been through a lot in your life, that is more than likely if you are on this website and you have felt really difficult emotional and mental pain but you are still here to tell the tale and to wake up to experience yet another day.

You must be proud of that fact and you must feel good knowing you have overcome so much. I hope one day to have guest blogging features on this site so you too can share your experience and strategies for coping with others because your story is unique and can help others in moving forward in their own lives.

What else do you feel happy about today? Please comment below

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  1. Takashi

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