When struggling with what we feel is a very difficult situation we sometimes feel it is so huge and engulfing us that we can’t possibly get better. I am familiar with this feeling and know how truly painful and overbearing it can be at times.

It was only when flying to South America and looking down on the earth not only did I realise his problem was small in comparison to the earth’s size, the universe’s size. Not only this but looking out of the window down at the earth you can see the true beauty that surrounds us.

It seems as though life has been trivialized by mainstream media and we have become creatures of habit forgetting the beauty of the earth and the nature that surrounds us outside of our small living quarters.

Travel opens your mind to possibility, make it a goal

I highly recommend travel as a tool to heal! It really does open up your mind and if you get a chance, you should do it,  if you can’t do it right now for whatever reason make it a goal because I believe this experience will be the most valuable thing you will ever possess in your life.

Take a step back from the situation you are currently in

Please take 5 minutes to watch this video, appreciate the beauty of the universe and the earth. Whenever you feel down just look up at the sky , take a step back from the situation and realise how small we are…if we are so small you should ask yourself how small is our problem in comparison? Should we let it stop us being happy? We have a conscious choice to make, its your choice…some days you will be up and sometimes you will be down but never forget things can change and beauty is always around you, you just need to look up and outside your current situation…

About the video

It was taken over 7 days amongst the highest mountains of Spain and what the photographer/filmmaker captured will simply take your breath away. I highly recommend you go full screen and turn the volume up. The music is from one of my favourite musicians Ludovico Einaudi I highly recommend you check him out.

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