After experiencing a difficult graduation at the foot of the 2008 economic recession, in a city known to be neglected by the British government financially the founder of BoM understands the difficulty and depression that comes with the lack of opportunity to work. Likewise, after changing direction into teaching and realising he didn’t like the profession he also knows what it feels like to be trapped in a job or career that doesn’t make you happy.

In this blog post he discusses his thought process and how he managed to find a profession that he enjoys. He used this strategy three times to change his career path three in four years before arriving at his calling and most importantly how you can do it too.

1. Be conscious that your job isn’t making you happy

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Here are several questions you need to ask yourself when you think your job isn’t making you happy. What kind of profession would you enjoy? What is your hobby, can it be made into a profession? What is most important? Money? Working Hours? Less stress? Social standing? Whats do you need to make the career change a reality?

2. What skills do you need

Once you have asked yourself those questions seriously what skills do you need ? Do you have any skills that you can transfer to the new career? Do you need to learn new things?

3. Use online courses to change profession or find a college

The founder of BoM used a combination of online tutorials (udemy and, past experience in art foundation and architecture and a few basic clients to begin to build a portfolio in web and graphic design. You may not want to become a web designer, you may want to be a personal trainer or maybe you want to be a lawyer? So what do you need for those things? Do you need to take a course in college? Start to google the things you need for your chosen profession and then make time to advance your education further.

EVERYONE can have the ability to change their skillsets if they dedicate themselves to education rather than watching television or wasting time down the pub.

Also, if your chosen career is quite competitive and you look at some work and you think how the hell is your work ever going to reach the level of others don’t worry. Everyone starts as a novice, even leonardo da vinci was once a novice painter! Don’t be distracted or intimidated you can  reach the level of a master in the profession but it will take some time and dedication.

4. Be prepared to move away from your hometown

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Unfortunately, this world is not equal. If you want a great career you have to be prepared to move around whether a new city in your country or maybe an entirely different continent completely.

There is nothing to worry about travelling, you can make new friends, Skype and Facebook make it easy to stay in touch with loved ones and public transport is so great now, within hours you can visit your hometown within hours so don’t worry about that either.

Your new career may just start somewhere other than where you ideally would like and this experience of moving will develop you into a stronger person as well as giving a feeling of a totally new start.

5. Maintain a positive self talk regardless of surroundings

Notice how you talk to yourself, do you talk negatively? Have you allowed other people’s negatives comments turn into your beliefs things like ‘you can’t do it’ or ‘it’s impossible’? Are you worried about being made into a joke or laughing stock by those around you if it goes wrong? Every time you are negative to yourself fight it back and punch those thoughts down! If you are negative in thought you are not going to be able to change career, you are not going to be able to develop your skills in a new field and you will not improve your professional life.

It is so so important to maintain a stubborn positive outlook on life and fight negative thinking of yourself and others. Don’t let negativity into your mindset or life, it is possible by being aware of negativity and choosing to not respond to it. It is okay to feel it but don’t let it fester in your mind, let it go!

No great entrepreneur ever succeeded by listening to his negative thoughts. They may have had negative thoughts but they would have used it as fuel to prove the negativity wrong.

So in conclusion the five steps to changing profession are : –

  1. Be conscious you want change.
  2. What skills do you need to change?
  3. Can you use online courses or do you need a college?
  4. Is there job vacancies in your hometown or do you need to move away? Be prepared for any situation.
  5. Maintain a positive outlook and use negativity as a fuel NOT as your reality.

No matter your age, no matter your circumstance, you can change your profession. Get a notebook, be conscious of what your job does for your life or what skills you need to change to a job you like, find courses that fit your dreams, make sure your passport is up to date and then throw your CV everywhere, eventually, there will be someone who will want to take you on and no matter how many knock backs you get KEEP THAT POSITIVE OUTLOOK, the right job is out there for you!

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    Nick Stokes

    Nice article! Many people get stuck in their jobs thinking that job is defining them and it is other way around.