More Than A Holistic Therapy Directory

We understand that when going through tough times it takes its toll on our mental and emotional wellbeing. It is why a holistic therapy directory that combines traditional talking therapies with other therapy like hypnotherapy is important.

By being able to simply type in your postcode  or zipcode it returns a map. This map has local therapies of all types within your vicinity on. This means you can find therapists  quickly and easily, thus reducing tension.

We also offer pages on every type of therapy to help you understand what each therapy is before doing a search.

Alongside this, therapists registered on Seek A Therapy directory and the founder of Seek A Therapy, create articles that can aid in one’s journey.

More Than Just A Traditional Therapy & Holistic Therapy Directory - Seek A Therapy Website

A Self Help Online Store ( Coming Soon )

Seek a Therapy is not only a traditional & holistic therapist directory. We also offer a self-help shop. The items chosen aid in your self-help journey or aid someone in their self-development journey.

We also allow all our therapists to sell their products on the store.

All profits help to fund and keep it free for both therapists and people using the website.

Holistic & Complementary Therapy Can Aid Healing

We decided to set up this therapy directory as one of the very few that combine ALL types of therapy. We did this because at Seek A Therapy, we believe each person is unique. Their needs and beliefs to heal are as unique as they are as well.

Some people prefer talking therapy, but for others, it is not as rewarding. Others may prefer hypnotherapy that delves into the subconscious. Some require a life coach as they are driven people and enjoy achieving goals. Whilst another person may just need guidance to get started in meditation and to organise their thoughts and slow down racing thoughts.

The key is to know there are many choices. By knowing there is choice it is the hope it can help people not feel they have limited amount of choice to heal.


Lastly, we keep this site free!

We are doing everything within our capability in order to keep this site free. To do this we provide alternative ways to fund the sites running costs.

Recently, we launched the self help store that sells recommended products specifically chosen by us.

We help therapists improve their digital marketing by offering discounted websites, graphics and free monthly marketing tips for every therapist that joins.

Plus therapist are found easier by people that live within 15 miles of their practice. Simply listing their practice on our website for FREE.

By keeping the site free it means more people can get the help they truly need and deserve.

If you are a therapist and are interested in our design services please visit or contact us for more information.