Life Coaching is often a therapy selected for those suffering from minor to medium levels of depression or someone lacking motivation or direction in life. When choosing a life coach as your chosen therapy it is likely you have many questions about what to expect. It is possible you have some apprehension if using a coach is new to you.  We at Seek a Therapy want to help answer your questions and concerns surrounding life coaching in order to help you select the right coach for you and on this page we have included some of the most common questions a person may have before treatment.

What is Life Coaching?


A life coach is someone who aims to help and empower others to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

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What to Expect From Life Coaching

Life coaching is a partnership between you and your life coach whose aim it is to gently encourage you to explore how to make positive changes in your life.

When you have a life coaching session initially they are going to ask you a number of questions such as what you want to achieve in life, what is making you unhappy about your current circumstance and where you’d like to see yourself after your life coaching and in a certain point in time. Although a life coach will work closely with you to set up goals and motivate you, ultimately, it is up to you to challenge and reflect upon ideas and move forward in your life. Your coach will never force you to do things you don’t feel comfortable with and any session you have with a coach will be completely confidential allowing you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and life goals freely in private with your chosen coach.


An example of life coaching?

A life coach will tend to look at your goals pragmatically through questions and exercise. Through these questions and exercises, they will attempt to gain a good idea of how you view the world and be able to identify the most effective route to your goals. Some people get intimidated by big goals and so break big goals down into smaller ones in order to take things slowly. Other people may get impatient when they don’t see instant change and so, suggest stronger reminders and incentives to help keep their clients on track. Above are just 5 questions that a life coach may ask.

Who should seek life coaching?

As life coaches use strategies and techniques to help you with things that you might struggle with, particularly in terms of goal setting, then life coaches are ideal for people who want to make change happen in their life, are quiet goal orientated and want to look forward in life rather than back and also enhance themselves in certain skills. These skills can relate to any area of one’s life such as : –

  • Business – Starting or running a business can be hard work and takes many hours to make successful at first. It also means we tend to neglect ourselves. A life coach can help deal with confidence, leadership, self-belief, decision making, and creating a work-life balance that so many entrepreneurs tend to neglect.
  • Personal – Some people feel that they aren’t getting the most out of their life as there is so much to see, learn and do in the world but often lack confidence, or feel they maybe lack the time. Sometimes this may just be a lack of organization and self-belief or willpower. Life coaches use specialist skills to help motivate their clients so they can finally fight anything they feel was holding them back from a truly fulfilling life.
  • Performance – Improvement is at the heart of what life coaching is all about. Whatever your skills, a life coach could help you improve them further. Whatever your profession a life coach can get to the heart of what you want to change by adopting specialist techniques to help you to push your limitations and exceed expectations.
  • Love life – Do you want more confidence to approach that hot girl/guy or do you struggle with staying faithful? Or possibly your relationship is falling by the wayside. Whatever your love problem a specialist life coach could help you to solve your love life problems.

These are only a few ideas of how a life coach can help you, there are many many more ways that they can help improve your life, you simply need to find the one that is a specialist in the area you require.


How Much Does A Typical Life Coaching Session Cost?

You cannot acquire a life coach as a therapy on the NHS in the UK, it is a completely private service. Costs range from £50/$35 per session and sometimes can go up to £120/$200 per session and occasionally more depending on the coach’s experience, specialty and location. Also, some coaches provide bulk orders of coaching sessions in order to save you money, ensure you speak to your chosen life coach about pricing options when making your booking.

How Do I Know Coach To Choose?

Your GP will often have several accredited psychotherapists that they can point you in the direction of but even if they do and you feel that the therapist isn’t right for you then it is completely fine to find a new specialist.

One of the most important parts of life coaching is the relationship between yourself and the therapist in order to be able to trust and open up about all your thoughts and feelings in order to be able to improve your life in the best way possible. A strong relationship with your coach will aid in getting the most out of your sessions.

When you find the right coach that offers you good communication, a partnership, trust, goals, and a feeling of genuine understanding then together, over time, you will be able to challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

First of all, don’t worry!

If you think life coaching is the right therapy but you have the wrong coach then you have every right to seek a second opinion and you will not offend your life coach, they just want you to advance your life as best you can and you deserve to feel good. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel life coaching is working at all then do not be disheartened. There are many, many different types of therapy to heal from depression and life coaching is only one. Use our therapy directory to find a different therapy, you may find hypnotherapy works better or possibly some holistic treatment. The key is not to think this is your only option.

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Please note: This information should not replace professional medical advice, it is purely for informational purposes. At all times when you are in crisis please first seek help from your GP or another medical professional. Thank you