Seek A Therapy was started by me, John Wilson in 2017 after I had experienced and recovered from, severe depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts five years previous in 2011. I realised that not many people understand how many therapies can help improve someone’s mental health or even what to expect undergoing any type of therapy, or when struggling, what you can do to help yourself and so began a site that could help change that. I wanted to communicate what each therapy is and also what it can do to improve your mental health.

John Wilson Founder Of Seek A Therapy
John Wilson, the founder of Seek A Therapy


It was through my own lived experiences and difficulties, as well as being inspired by my holistic therapist family member ( a reflexologist and reiki master ) that developed my passion to make a difference and pursue the dream of a website where anyone can find all therapies in their local area with the simple click of a button and to help make it less of an embarrassment or taboo and more of a natural progression to improve and strengthen ones self.


Also, from my experience, although therapists are amazing healers, with due respect, it is evident that many therapists do not know how to market themselves digitally. During my own healing journey I moved to London where I gained over 5 years experience in various digital design agencies undertaking web, graphics and branding and realised maybe I could combine my experience and desire to help therapist and those in need. I decided to offer my knowledge for free in pdf downloads, discounted marketing products such as web design, social media management, logo design, email design, business card design and shortly, to provide videos on how to do things and also, share self help strategies that helped me!


Lastly, I decided that rather than charge therapists to join the directory he would make it free to both therapists and client alike. I was very aware that there are many directories out there ( but not as good as what he has developed ) that charge large fees that don’t always bring in new customers. My beliefs, integrity and morals meant I didn’t want to take money from therapists without a 100% guarantee that they would at least get their money back by being a part of a website directory. Instead of this, I am  aiming to develop a large database of therapists around the world and use advertising and marketing services to help run the business .


All of this website, from the graphics, to the website, to the social media channels is all ran by me, John Wilson. I uses my own earned income to help run the website and social channels but as the site grows, it is going to cost more and more to develop. Just to host this website alone on a server costs £180 per year, but as it grows it will cost at least £500. This is without any form of promotion of the website or other important features such as paying for client payment systems and developing an app, so you can see why some charitable donation is requested. It is for this reason that I am humbly asking for your help to grow the site. Any donations we receive will 100% be used to help run the website , raise awareness and further develop the website and brand, I can completely guarantee that.

I humbly welcome any donations to help with the growth of Seek A Therapy and thank you for taking the time to read this and also for your interest. The larger this site grows, the more people we can help.

Let’s make getting the right help as simple as the click of a button.

John A Wilson

Founder of Seek A Therapy



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