How many of us have been emotionally affected by others who have either made us feel ugly or small by pointing out our flaws or lowered our self esteem because they deemed something about us as not ‘attractive’ or ‘good enough’. A lot of this idea is down to if WE believe what they tell us or alternatively whether we choose to ignore negative comments or tell ourselves ‘we are good enough’ and ‘we are attractive’ can make us feel completely different about ourselves and our lives. Everything is about perception, believe you are ugly and you will be, believe you are attractive and again…you will be!

In this video a photographer sets about showing people that they are beautiful and just watch how people react! It really does make you think… what is beauty and what if the voice of the woman was your own internal monologue whenever someone brought you down how life could be a totally different experience. Enjoy the video and remember you are just great the way you are!

You are beautiful and you are brilliant in every way.

You are Beautiful

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