Energy Psychology is a complementary treatment that is believed to have many benefits and ailments it can help with. It is believed it can be beneficial in helping those with common mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and stress, or even aid in changing your thoughts towards life challenges. When choosing to seek energy psychology therapy it is likely you have lots of questions about what to expect. Some apprehension is common if using energy psychology is new to you. We at Seek a Therapy want to help answer your questions and concerns surrounding the therapy. This way you can be confident in selecting the right therapist for you. Discover on this page some of the most common questions a person may have before treatment of this ancient healing method.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy psychology is a relatively new method of therapy that combines Eastern approaches to the mind and body with Western psychology and psychotherapy ideas. Practitioners of energy psychotherapy claim that tapping acupuncture points while thinking about an anxiety-producing event can cure anxiety and phobias.

Very Well Mind

Energy psychology (EP) is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving our wellbeing and mental health. This therapy looks at the relationship between thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behaviors, and known bioenergy systems (such as meridians and the biofield). It is believed that these energy fields exist, and interact, within individuals and between people.

An energy psychologist works on the emotional and physical issues that are present in the client’s personal energy field. Energy psychologists believe that the mind and body are related and if blocked through lived trauma and other external factors can lead to illness.

It is said that through energy psychology treatments that these blockages in our energy fields can be released and allow us to live more energetically happier lives.

A Short Demonstration of EFT, an Energy Psychology Method

In the above video, Janine from Change to Success goes through an EFT tapping demonstration to help with improving your self-belief.  So EFT, emotional freedom technique, or ‘tapping’ helps you to remove negative feelings that are holding you back. As you can see, she is tapping on different parts of her face and hand, these are meridian points. Energy Psychologists believe tapping on these points removes blockages within our energy field that we all have. Once you have tapped on it enough it releases the feeling and thoughts allowing you to move forward in areas you previously couldn’t.

Further Discussion With Dr. Gallo About Energy Psychology

Dr. Gallo is a clinical psychologist and pioneer in energy psychology and has been training professionals since 1980. He is the founder of energy diagnostic and treatment methods (EDxTM) and is also an author. In this video, he discusses various client situations and how he went about using energy psychology to help them to release trapped emotions and begin to heal.

This video will help you learn what is energy psychology in practice and is approx 13 minutes long.

How Much Does A Typical Energy Psychology Session Cost?

If you have energy psychology privately, it will usually cost between £35 and £65 for a 60-minute treatment. Costs can vary depending on where you live and the practitioner’s level of experience. It is important to have your treatments with a qualified therapist.

Although energy psychology, such as EFT ( emotional freedom technique), can sometimes be used in the NHS and be free for some ailments, it is a complementary holistic therapy that is offered mostly in private practice. We have several reflexologist specialists in our directory in the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia. Costs range from £30/$40 per session and sometimes can go up to £60/$100. On occasions, it can be more depending upon the therapist’s experience. Energy psychologists sometimes combine other services such as Chakra balancing, kinesiology, and also dreamwork.

what is energy psychologyHow Do I Know Which Energy Psychologist To Choose?

One of the most important parts of any therapy is the relationship between yourself and the therapist. This helps you to be able to trust and allow someone into your personal space. Your therapist should discuss with you before your therapy starts what to expect and answer any questions you may have before your treatment begins. Usually, they also recommend you drink plenty of fluid before the therapy and after.

When you find the right energy psychologist that offers you the level of trust and relaxation you seek then you will benefit from a greater therapy experience.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

First of all, don’t worry!

If you think Energy Psychology is the right therapy but you have the wrong therapist then you have every right to seek a second opinion. You will not offend your therapist, they just want you to heal from your difficulty as best you can.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel Energy Psychology is working at all then do not be disheartened. There are many, many different types of therapy to try and this is only one.

Use our therapy directory to find different therapy. You may find other therapies work better than others. The key is not to think any therapy is your only option. There are many routes and treatments to try.

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Please note: This information should not replace professional medical advice, it is purely for informational purposes. At all times when you are in crisis please first seek help from your GP or another medical professional. Thank you