The lightning process is an alternative therapy that is relatively new and has shown to be able to ease symptoms of anxiety and stress. When choosing a lightning process specialist as your chosen therapy it is likely you have questions about what to expect and have some apprehension if using a therapy new to you.  We at Seek a Therapy want to help answer your questions and concerns surrounding psychotherapy in order to help you select the right Psychotherapist for you and on this page we have included some of the most common questions a person may have before treatment.

What is The Lightning Process?


The Phil Parker Lightning Process® (LP) is a training course that focuses on the science behind how the brain and body interact; it gives you powerful tools to use this brain-body link to influence your health and life.  The tools involve gentle movement, meditation-like techniques and mental exercises.  With practise you can use them to change the way your nervous system works, switching on pathways which promote health and switching off ones which aren’t so good for you.

Lightning Process

By utilising the lightning process it is believed we can reset the body’s health systems back to normal. It does this by using well-research connections that exist between the brain and the body. The lightning process focuses on three core important processes that the body goes through which are: –

  • The Physical Emergency Response (PER) – our body’s natural reaction to any threat
  • Allostatic Load –  long-term activation of emergency responses as a result of the PER.  Creates sleep problems, reduced immunity, digestion, clear thinking and general mood.
  • Neuroplasticity – the brain’s amazing ability to rapidly change just by being used differently.

What to Expect From The Lightning Process

The first stage of therapy is to listen to an interactive audio download to discover whether LP is for you. Then, it is advisable to find a local therapist although many works online. There will be options to work 1 to 1 or alternatively in a group setting.

How does the therapy work?

The Lightning Process® is a powerful non-medical training programme tailored to help people who are stuck in their life or health. The mind-body link, in particular Physical Emergency Response (PER), holds the key to how the Lightning Process helps people create change.

Whenever the body senses a threat it produces the PER to find a way to recover or stay safe. It does this by switching on the:

Production of the powerful hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, cortisol and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). This is exactly what needs to happen to help us deal with the threat, affecting our muscles and nervous system. The problem comes when we keep the system switched on. This is living in a constant state of survival which is not only tiring but also bad for us. But through the use of the lightning process, we can learn how to switch it off again and control future reactions.

A journey with the lightning process?

How Much Does it Cost?

The therapy is only available as a private treatment and can be conducted in groups of 1 to 1 ( we have several practitioners in our directory in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia). 1 to 1 sessions costs can range from £700/$1000 to  £1200/$1500 per course and group sessions can cost less so it is worth discussing this with your chosen therapist. Prices may vary due to the location you are seeking the therapy, delivery method and the experience of the therapist.

How Do I Know Which Lightning Process Therapist To Choose?

One of the most important parts of any therapy is the relationship between yourself and the therapist. Find a therapist who makes you feel comfortable and at ease or whom you feel may be able to understand your situation.

When you find the right therapist that offers you good communication, a partnership, trust, goals and a feeling of genuine understanding then together, you will be able to look into providing a relaxing treatment.

Also, when you do contact a therapist perhaps ask a few questions like do they have any qualifications, how long have they been practising and are they a part of any associations and also, whether they are insured, this will give you added peace of mind before you begin your treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Heal With The Lightning Process?

As this is a training course and people use it for many different reasons it will depend upon how you apply the lightning process to your life. Demonstrations during therapy have shown that change can happen as soon as a few hours but rather than the quick change it is more important that you learn the strategies of the lightning process so you can use it further in your life.

What if it Doesn’t Work For Me?

First of all, don’t worry!

If you think the lightning process is the right therapy but you have the wrong therapist then you have every right to seek a second opinion and you will not offend your therapist, they just want you to heal from your difficulty as best you can and you deserve to feel better. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel the lightning process therapy is working at all then do not be disheartened, there are many, many different types of therapy to heal from depression and lightning process therapy is only one. Use our therapy directory to find a different therapy, you may find hypnotherapy works better or possibly some counselling treatment. The key is not to think this is your only option keep trying different things.

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Please note: This information should not replace professional medical advice, it is purely for informational purposes. At all times when you are in crisis please first seek help from your GP or another medical professional. Thank you