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Many people don’t realise the power that colour can have in our lives. Colour therapists understand how colour has a powerful impact on our lives and emotional wellbeing. When choosing a colour therapist as the therapy in helping you our journey it is likely you have many questions about what to expect and have some apprehension if using a therapy new to you.  We at Seek a Therapy want to help answer your questions and concerns surrounding colour therapy in order to help you select the right therapist for you and on this page, we have included some of the most common questions a person may have before treatment.

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour Therapy is a complementary therapy for which there is evidence dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India.

Colour Therapy Healing

Colour, in its simplest form, is light of varying wavelengths, thus, each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy and this energy is believed to be able to affect the way we feel emotionally. Consider when you enter a room with yellow walls, do you feel happy and optimistic, possibly even warm whereas on entering a blue room you feel colder and sometimes, more balanced and calm? This is a very basic example of the power of colour to affect our moods.

As previously mentioned, as each colour is a light wave at a different frequency, these energy frequencies are believed to relate to our seven main chakras/energy centres of the body. The chakras are usually described as a set of internal cogs/wheels in our energy field that is similar to the workings of an engine; each cog/chakra needs to move smoothly for the engine/chakra to work properly. Thus, colour therapists believe that good health and wellbeing are achieved by a balance of all these energies flowing correctly and introducing colours in both a visual sense, what we eat and in what we wear can affect our overall emotional and mental well-being.

Colour therapy can help to re-balance and/or stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colour to the body and therefore re-balance our chakras.

What to Expect From Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy is a totally holistic and non-invasive therapy and, really, although you will seek consultation from a colour therapist, the conscious use of colour should become a part of everyday life. All we need to do is to heighten our awareness of the energy of colour and how it can transform our lives. A professional therapist will help you to do this.

The first consultation with a Professionally qualified Colour Therapy practitioner should normally be longer than subsequent visits since time has to be allowed for taking patient details, for the purposes of proper records, and for you to be able to discuss the reasons for the visit and, not least, time should be given for you to relax.

During the first consultation, through the discussion process, the practitioner can assess the appropriate course of treatment and inform you of the different methods available to suit your needs. The practitioner should also explain how you can use colour in your everyday life as an endorsement of the treatment you will be receiving.

Any consultation you have with a professionally qualified Colour Therapy practitioner should always be comfortable and relaxing at all times where you feel an equal partner in the process of discovering the benefits of colour.

How Can Colour Therapy Help Me?

How Much Does A Typical Colour Therapy Session Cost?

Colour Therapy is only available as a private holistic treatment ( and we have several colour therapists in our directory in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia) where costs range from £30/$50 per session and sometimes can go up to £100/$200 and occasionally more depending upon the therapist’s experience, speciality and location.

What If Colour Therapy Doesn’t Work For Me?

First of all, don’t worry!

If you think colour therapy is the right therapy but you have the wrong therapist then you have every right to seek a second opinion and you will not offend your therapist, they just want you to heal from your difficulty as best you can and you deserve to feel better. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel colour therapy is working at all then do not be disheartened, there are many, many different types of therapy to heal from depression and colour therapy is only one. Use our therapy directory to find a different therapy, you may find hypnotherapy works better or possibly some holistic treatment. The key is not to think this is your only option.

Colour Therapy For Depression

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Please note: This information should not replace professional medical advice, it is purely for informational purposes. At all times when you are in crisis please first seek help from your GP or another medical professional. Thankyou