We are all victims of it, we all have moments of insignificance, we are shown pictures of people with amazing abs on Instagram, celebrities with all the wealth and possessions money could buy and our ability to even achieve a small amount of comfort that these people have made for themselves seems but a distant dream but did you realise just how amazing you actually are regardless what you have in your bank or what social status you currently hold in your community?!?

We are ALL an important part of this planet

Did you know that you are one in a million of little sperms that fertilised your mother’s egg so that you could experience life on this planet for, if we are lucky, 80 years or so. Did you know, although you live in one corner of the earth you share it with 7.4 billion people (as well as many various forms of animals). Did  you know that you it is incredible that you are able to experience life on this planet with whatever you have around you, whatever it is you have to experience, our planet is an amazing place and I dearly hope you manage to explore it, the more you see different parts of it, meet different types of people and experience different cultures it is a great feeling to know, you are a part of this planet we call home and we should be proud to know that no matter who you are, we affect each other in ways we cannot always imagine regardless of what we deem to be ‘important’ in this man-made way of living.

Please sit back, watch this video of our earth from above and consider, you are lucky enough to have a chance to experience this place! Absolutely incredible. What are your thoughts on the video? please comment below


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    I thank God for making me apart of this World.
    Thank you so much for this blog post, it has really spoken to me.