On October 11th 2014 I was one of a few hundred people trying to help raise mental health awareness and remove the stigma that surrounds this illness and the lack of understanding and support of this part of our health.

Having experienced severe depression and suicidal thoughts , a sister who suffered with stress related illness and a younger sister who has also suffered with bullying and severe annorexia I have truly been impacted by mental health and the understanding that their is little support and understanding for these forms of ill health.

I knew I wanted to start to make a change in the world and do whatever I could to try and help make the world a better place for the welfare of all and to improve the mental health of not only myself but also to prevent others in future from suffering as much as my family.

The event organised by the founder of CLASP charity Kenny Johnston is a survivor of attempted suicide and has done so many great things by creating the charity and starting the movement on mental health.

Walking out of darkness

The walk itself was 10 miles long and yes , it was challenging but the weather was mainly on our side and it was also quite nice to walk around the city of London taking in the vistas and meeting people with the same intent of improving the lives of others. See below a few of the pictures of my wife, my sister, myself and someone we met one the walk below. If you would like to try and also raise mental health awareness and are able to get to London please visit the claspcharity websites for more information on the walking out of darkness.

CLASP Chairty 2014 October walking out of darkness with John Wilson walking out of darkness with Tenzin Walking out of darkness Battle of Mind walking out of darkness clasp chairty walking out of darkness


Finally, here is a video of the last video to give you a better idea of what to expect.

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