Who Is The Founder Of Seek A Therapy?

I am John Wilson, the founder of Seek A Therapy. Born and raised in south Liverpool UK I have had my own mental health challenges in my early to mid-20s and occasionally into my 30s. These experiences I have had have helped me realise the difficulties people face when recovering from a mental health challenge and gave me the ambition to attempt to make things easier for others.

My mental health challenges occurred after a demanding relationship in my 20s ( albeit, I may have chosen), graduating in one of the world’s worst recessions as an architect, retraining as a teacher ( to experience difficult mentors) which led to a career path that never really seemed to take off until my late 20’s and left me in a lot of debt. It was only after I got to such a dark place, where I nearly chose to take my life, that I turned my life around. Only through the support of a holistic practitioner, my mother.

After her help, I found my feet again. Being guided to try various therapies helped me realise that not any 2 people’s needs for therapy or the reaction to therapy are the same. This is why I believe that learning to understand the many types of therapy available would be necessary in order to help others make informed decisions. To help them find their peace of mind as easily as possible. Through therapy, self-help and through being able to find the right therapy easily.

Seek A Therapy started as a blog called Battle of Mind

Seek A Therapy started life as a blog about how I found coping strategies to deal with my depression, anxiety and life challenges in the hope of inspiring others. It then became an affiliate shop of self-help products and then a free therapy directory uk.

The directory element of the directory was born in 2018 and the name changed from Battle of Mind to Seek A Therapy in 2019. It was evident some therapists didn’t like the idea of a battle, they felt they wanted to be part of a solution not of something deemed aggressive. It was this reason for the change of name. To take attention away from the pain and instead, provide a brand that discussed the final solution of therapy instead.

Working full-time whilst growing the site

Since 2011 I have been working full-time as a web, graphics and brand designer in London, Surrey and Liverpool whilst aiming to grow Seek A Therapy on the side. In 2021 we have managed to gain 1250 therapy listings from across the world.

We have an amazon affiliate shop with over 300 products we plan to add more to in the coming year.

We also have plans to help therapists to understand digital marketing and expand their online reach to gain more clients and help more people.

Overcoming challenges so others can too

It’s my ambition to use my life experiences to be able to help others overcome their own challenges. To know what is possible and to educate on how holistic therapy and traditional therapies can help you to achieve improved wellbeing and peace of mind.

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2011 – Feeling Depressed & Lost

John Wilson Seek A Therapy Founder 2011 - Depressed / Anxious

2012 – Moved To London

2016 – Establishing Self & Travel

John Wilson Founder Of Seek A Therapy

2021 – Now