Music, just like the other arts are driven by emotion and can be great in making us feel different about a situation or thought we are having that are affecting our overall wellbeing. It is very important the music you allow into your mind is not negative or making you feel a negative emotion such as regret, sadness, or loss as it will only reinforce the way you are already feeling.

10 songs that helped motivate positive change in the founder

To motivate me to make change happen and continue to keep me upbeat I ensure I listen to music that can keep my mood up. Below are 10 songs that I regularly listen to keep me upbeat and inspired.

10. radioactive – Imagine Dragons

9. Ho Hey – The Lumineers

8. Dream is collapsing – Hans Zimmer

7. I’m still standing – Elton John

6. Now we are free – Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

5. Sound the Bugle – Bryan Adams

4. You’ll never walk alone – Gerry and the pacemakers

3. Stay Alive – Jose Gonzalez

2. Learning to Walk Again – Foo Fighters

1. Run boy Run – Woodkid

If you are wondering why music can really affect our minds and our brains there is an interesting article here by the Fast Company how it can make us feel certain ways and also show an insight into how our music tastes can imply interesting information about our personality. Check out the article about music affecting the brain here.

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