Sometimes, our mind can get over run by thoughts so much so that it brings on incredible migraines, feelings of being lethargic or having no escape from the pain that having depression and anxiety can bring. At times like this it is important to relax the mind and rest. In this blog post I discuss one strategy for bringing some peace of mind.

Soothing sounds of nature

The world, on occasions, for absolutely everyone can be an overwhelming place full of challenging experiences, disappointments, heart aches, trauma and negative feelings. When these things engulf our mind we must take time out and find some respite.

I have compiled several youtube videos that aid in relaxing the mind. The instructions are pretty simple in how to use these but they must be followed : –

  1. Ask those around you for you to be left alone for a moment and go into a room, shut the door (with a laptop or mobile is prefable) and place it somewhere secure and select the video below you want to play.
  2. Find a comfortable flat service to lay down on and shut your eyes.
  3. Imagine yourself in the landscape you have chosen but let other thoughts come into your mind and then let them go, it is ok to accept the negative thoughts but realise it is also ok to imagine yourself somewhere else too.
  4. Give yourself at last 15 minutes of listening to the sounds and imagining yourself in a different, relaxing, place and then open your eyes.

This ability to drift off to somewhere else can, for some, help in lifting the negative thoughts from your mind and allow you to declutter restless thinking. If you feel that your thoughts are still racing you may like to try paying more attention to your breath as breathing can help regulate brainwaves and decrease negative thoughts, read this blog post about breathing for more information.

In the meantime, please select a video below and follow the above instructions to help you soothe your mind. Please leave comments below and let me know if any of the videos had any positive effects or if you know of any good resources that are worth sharing with our readership.



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