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This bold cinematic experience takes viewers on a magical adventure across the greatest, yet least known parts of our planet – our oceans.

Since The Blue Planet aired in 2001, our understanding of life beneath the waves has completely changed. Travelling from the icy polar seas to the vibrant blues of the coral atolls, Blue Planet II shares these astonishing new discoveries.

The Blue Planet:

The Blue Planet is the first ever comprehensive documentary series on the natural world and history of the world’s oceans. The extraordinary images of this marine epic reveal the sea at its most fearsome and alluring, exposing some of its best kept secrets. Enter a world of breathtaking beauty and discover new species, visit unseen habitats and witness stories of survival never caught on camera before.

Accompanied by a superb soundtrack from the award-winning composer George Fenton, this DVD is further enhanced by the technical brilliance of the film and sound quality.

Narrated by David Attenborough.


Episode 1 – The Blue Planet

Episode 2 – The Deep

Episode 3 – Open Ocean

Episode 4 – Frozen Seas

Episode 5 – Seasonal Seas

Episode 6 – Coral Seas

Episode 7 – Tidal Seas

Episode 8 – Coasts

Special Features:

  • Making Waves (the making of The Blue Planet)
  • Deep Trouble (ecological documentary)
  • Blue (5 minute theatrical short)
  • Exclusive interviews with the production team
  • Photo Gallery

The Abyss sends cameras to the last great frontier on our planet – the deep sea – to reveal an amazing world including rare footage of the most incredible sea-life

Amazon Abyss searches the river’s hidden depths to find primitive dolphins, giant pink electric knifefish, giant black piranha and other astonishing creatures.

Dive to Shark Volcano ventures to Cocos Island, an underwater volcano whose waters are a haven for sharks. As cameras reach new depths, we witness shark behaviour from the heart of the action.

Blue Planet II:

In recent years, our knowledge of what goes on in our Ocean has been transformed. Blue Planet II uses cutting-edge breakthroughs in science and technology to explore new worlds, wildlife, reveals astonishing creatures and extraordinary new animal behaviours. As we journey through our deep seas, coral reefs, open ocean, green seas and coasts we share these extraordinary new discoveries. But we now know that ocean health is under threat. Never has there been a more crucial time to explore our remotest seas, and to examine what the future will hold for our blue planet.


Episode 1 – One Ocean

Episode 2 – The Deep

Episode 3 – Coral Reefs

Episode 4 – Big Blue

Episode 5 – Green Seas

Episode 6 – Coasts

Episode 7 – Our Blue Planet

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