How Seek A Therapy Shop Works & Why buy From Us

Seek A Therapy Shop is an online store that sells carefully chosen amazon affiliate products and products created by therapists listed on Seek A Therapy for small comissions.

How It Helps Us

By purchasing products from our store you are not only helping your own wellbeing but also, adding small funds to help with the running of Seek A Therapy.

How It Helps You & Others

Helping improve your own mental and emotional health, but also that of others.

You are helping to run and grow Seek A Therapy directory, shop and design service so more and more people can have a great standard of living.

By using Seek A Therapy Shop, you are a part of allowing people across the world to find therapy and self help strategies that work best for them.

How It Helps Therapists

You Are also helping therapists gain better understanding of digital marketing for free and digital services at very affordable prices. Therapists ALSO have the opportunity to list their products on Seek A Therapy Shop. They only pay a small comission should you purchase one of their products via our platform again, helping to fund the running of Seek A Therapy.

Product Suggestions?

If there is a product you want to buy from amazon that is a self help tool or for wellbeing and we do not list it please let us know. We will then list it within 24 hours in order that we are able to gain a small comission from Amazon and help fund Seek A Therapy.

By doing this, you are also allowing others to find the product that you personally recommend!

Seek A Therapy is completely funded by the founder of Seek A Therapy, John Wilson and truly appreciate your help and support in this small way.

Thanks for visiting Seek A Therapy Shop & hope you find what you are looking for.