When the future seems bleak watch this

One thing that can cause depression is fear of the future never getting better, you can’t see the future being brighter than it is today.

The truth is the only person that can make your future better than what you are currently living today is the person reading this text right now! You better believe it, it is down to YOU!

Things can change if YOU allow it

You can change your life and you can make things better, I admit, things outside of your control can make things that little bit harder and more painful.

For me it was the recession, a lack of opportunity in my hometown even after gaining a great education and also being in a relationship that was very pressured and highly dependent on me that led to a feeling of despondency.

After struggling for years, feeling worse and worse as the years passed feeling a little trapped in my situation I finally took the step of moving away from my home and my family, a very hard and difficult thing to do but put me in a better situation and also still managed to see my family on regular occasions.

I changed my situation and YOU can too.

What is it you love doing?

Do it!

Dream it, eat it , sleep it, breath it. If you do something you love doing a job stops becoming a job and instead becomes a hobby and a hobby you get paid for. When you come home you can learn more about it, improve upon it, you will feel more fulfilled.

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