We are facing one of the most difficult world health crisis in modern history. It is a very worrying time for many, panic and fear is setting in and whether we will contract it or not is taking hold. In this article, we have put together ten positive aspects of the coronavirus crisis.

Positive Aspects Of The Coronavrius. Two guys wearing masks

10 Positive Aspects Of The Coronavirus Crisis

1. Reduced pollution throughout the world for an extended level of time helping with climate change.
2. Facing our own mortality helps us realise we are all going to die someday. The vulnerability of this stark fact means to live your life to the full today! Stop worrying so much. Consider what we are doing with our time, focus on what really matters rather than the stresses and strains of day to day life. No one knows when our time is up.
3. Humanities care and consideration for one another is increasing. We don’t want to make others’ lives bad or ill. Less about me and more about us.
4. Forcing time to go within and reflect as all distractions like sports, theatre and mass gatherings are disallowed.
5. Becoming more aware and appreciative of our health and supply chains that allow us easy access to amenities like ‘toilet roll’ that we often take for granted.
6. Spending less as you aren’t going out as much so can save or spend it on what really matters.
7. Appreciation of family members and paying them attention when you may not have before due to being ‘busy’.
8. The care and concern for the elderly and the vulnerable are increasing.
9. Appreciation for the easy ability to travel whenever we want to ANY part of the world usually. Something again we take for granted.
10. Appreciation of life in general. We are so fortunate to be alive and experience whatever life has to throw at us.

On a final note, we want to share with you a video of the citizens of Italy singing with one another to keep morals up.

If you are concerned about the Coronavirus please see the NHS website to discover the latest information regarding how to deal with this difficult time.


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