It’s the end of year, we made it! Have you thought its time to set a new years resolution?

We got through all our trials and tribulations and it is at the end of the year when we tend to reflect more on what was good or bad about a time than others and where we probably need to make changes to our lives in order to live happier and healthier lives.

I guess for myself I focus A LOT on my work. I don’t just work 9 – 5, I work when I get home for a few hours every night on coding and improving my knowledge, or writing a blog post or creating a new image to share with everybody. I guess what I have neglected by doing this is my own physical health which is known to also have an affect on the wellbeing of your mental health and so, it is my plan to change all that and attempt to get myself in proper shape by excercising regularly and being more conscious of what I am putting into my body (diet).

In this blog post I am going to briefly discuss the tools I have used to make sure I stick to a healthier lifestyle this ‘new years resolution’.

Xbox Nike+ Kinect

This game is a fantastic game that allows you to maintain your fitness without ever having to step inside a gym. I have recently set up a new plan so that I will be working out 4 out of 7 days and following a scheme to become ‘more lean’. Basically this will involve doing lots of cardio exercises to begin for the first 4 weeks ( this may go into a 8 or 12 week plan depending upon how successful it is in improving my health and also how dedicated I end up being!

The good thing about Xbox Nike+ Kinect is also that you can connect with friends who also have an xbox360, the game and the internet so if you want to also try using this game and have some motivation to help you along I am quite happy to connect with anyone who wants to try their routine together to push each other along. My xbox username is jawilson2012 and I will be happy to help each other along our fitness journey!

If you would like to purchase this game it is available in the Battle of Mind shop (price may change depending upon supplier) that once clicked checkout will direct you to amazon to complete your purchase. Any proceeds that are made from the shop go to the promotion of Battle of mind to reach more people and also the running costs of

Diet planning through the use of Excel spreadsheets

I know, for a fact, I can be  quite bad at keeping track of what I eat. I also know that when I am very busy I don’t see cooking as important as how much work I can complete in a certain amount of time which does have a detrimental affect on my mental well being as much as loosing shape.

So what I have done is started an excel spreadsheet (which I plan to share with you ) of all healthy meals that include good protein, less carbs, less sugar and more greens. I have also written the ingredients on a separate spreadsheet for each week so that it is easy to buy the food required in order to make the meals each time.

I plan to do a 4 week plan and then restart it again the following 4 weeks. If you would like to see the meals I am going to cook ( and recipes) I will include a future blog post so that you too can maybe use the same model and complete a healthy eating plan. I am sure you will notice a difference.

Getting An Induction At An Actual Gym

Going For More Walks In The Park & Nature

So a new year a new you? Lets Start Your New Years Resolution

I do believe just making small changes such as dietary and physical exercise can have big impacts on the mental welfare of each of us and why I am starting this new years resolution so you can see how I progress and if, after 3 months, it is successful, I am happy to share my experience with you. The ups, the downs and my recipes and fitness routines.

Wishing you a great New Year! 

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