Your mind is one of the most powerful weapons that you possess, the most advanced and complicated systems in the world and you have one to your disposal.


But what do you do with your mindset to make it better? How do you train your mind?


In theory we should train our minds just as we would train our bodies. Your body will not do much if it wasn’t for your mind and thought process firing you up to get to the gym, hit the road running or whatever exercise you enjoy doing.

Our bodies will always go further than the mind so make sure your mind is trained to go on that little bit further.


2 types of mindset


They say our mindset is either a ‘fixed’ or ‘growth’ mindset. With a fixed mindset the belief is that basic abilities, intelligence and talent are just fixed traits. This can be dangerous because a fixed mindset can often prevent important skill development and growth, which could sabotage your health and happiness down the line.


People with growth mindsets are constantly trying to learn and grow to better themselves. These are individuals who enjoy challenges and believe that their intelligence, talents, and basic abilities can be increased or enhanced through hard work and dedicated effort. This allows us to get back after we’ve failed, look for new ways and opportunities to succeed.


Next time you are working on a project and things are not going to plan, pull yourself away from the situation and take a minute to work out and identify where your mindset is at.


Do you find yourself…


  • Giving up when things get too hard
  • Not enjoying what you are doing because you don’t know what you are doing
  • Accepting that you cannot do any better
  • Putting things off as its easier to not try


These are all traits of a fixed mindset compared to some traits of a growth mindset that may leave you thinking like this…


  • I may not be the best at this, but I am willing to take risks
  • I will keep on trying until I get the results that I want
  • I enjoy learning about the things I don’t know
  • Willing to take feedback and criticism as they will help you to grow


Your mindset can be worked on and it is possible to move from a fixed to a growth mindset however it does take work, time and effort to switch your way of thinking.

When you have succeeded at anything in life the amount of satisfaction and feeling that flows through you is non-comparable to anything else.

What people do not see is the hard work and sacrifice that you have put in to building and growing.


Sadly, we live in a world where success is measured upon money, what car you drive, how big your house is and other materialistic things.


Success to me is about your happiness, how many people you have helped, what service do you provide to the world and how is it making a difference?

When you are starting out with anything you have to build the foundations and one of the hardest things to do is create these foundations with a fixed mindset. You will face criticism and be judged which will probably end with you talking yourself out of going for what you really want to do.


You will find a way to give up and accept that it cannot be done.


Your habits and ways of thinking during this time is crucial. Sometimes you will be your only fan and will often find yourself picking yourself up when you are down.

A growth mindset will help you out massively and play a crucial part in life, you will build resilience, fortitude and mental strength to keep on going regardless of how tough things get.


Start today by building a bulletproof mindset where you cannot and will not be beaten.


3 ways to build a bulletproof mindset..


  1. Read books on people that interest you that have done it themselves. Change your behaviours or routines to allow time to read every day.
  2. Challenge your negatives thoughts and turn them in to positive outcomes. If we imagine every negative thought as a piece of hot coal, we are going to get burnt holding on to them all. Look for solutions and ways around the negativity. What’s blocking or stopping you? Positivity wins when you keep working on it.
  3. Positive self-talk, whether this is in the form of affirmations or journaling. Stand in front of a mirror look at yourself and affirm yourself.


  • I believe in myself
  • I am successful
  • I have the power to create the life that I deserve


Let these words sink in and repeat the process daily, the only person that needs to believe in yourself is YOU! 

When you believe in yourself you will become unstoppable, purposeful, powerful and it all starts with your mindset.


Your mindset is everything!

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