Mind Games by John Lennon a fantastic tune to lift your spirits if you listen to the lyrics. We all feel that when we are battling our problems we are fighting a game within our own minds.

Being from Liverpool the founder of BoM feels a deep connection to John Lennon.

Not only for this reason but because so many things in my life have linked me to this great musician. As a child the founder lived in a village called Woolton all of his youth, only three streets away from where John Lennon stayed with his aunt.

I attended a primary school where John Lennon first performed as ‘the Beatles‘, he lived around the corner from the infamous Strawberry fields AND when I was teacher training the final school I taught in was a private school that John sent his son Julian to, plus, we are both married to asian women so I guess there couldn’t be any more coincidences and I guess you can tell, I am a huge fan of the man!

Regardless of this it can’t be argued that John was a genius with a kind heart and always promoted peace for all and peace within ourselves in all of his work regardless of being ridiculed or going against the grain.

This song is a fantastic lift and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do every time I listen to it and find some peace in the words of this musical and artistic genius. Enjoy!

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