Feeling a bit down in the dumps today? Laughter can lift your spirits and that is why we want to share with you three minutes of your time to watch this 4-year-old child enjoy her first loop the loop.

When young, we have an inquisitive and playful nature, we are carefree. This young girl embodies this nature that we should all strive to have more of in our day to day lives. Watch the video and the amount of enjoyment she is having in her face as her dad flies her around. There is so much genuine happiness that you cannot deny a smile to cross your face even during difficult times.

There is nothing more infectious than a genuine laugh and smile, and when from a child, unlike adults, it is always from the heart.

Wishing you a fantastic day. Try to make the best of your situation. Becoming more childlike can be good for our mental wellbeing. Let everything you do be more playful no matter your age.

Life is too short to be serious all the time, stay young, enjoy simple things and most importantly, smile often!

Can A Childs Laughter Lift Your Spirits

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