If you are reading this article, it is likely you have suffered or are suffering with Depression. JK Rowling depression is quite well known. She is one of  the greatest authors of our time once had nothing, not a penny, she had hit rock bottom, on benefits and only her child keeping her from sinking too far into depressions hold. In this short video JK Rowlings discusses her early life in her mid 20s and how she became clinically depressed and felt like she had failed on an epic scale, had moved her to never give up.

JK Rowling Depression

Suffering With Depression

Having depression is really hard, undeniably so. But it could be said, that if we harness the feelings of pain and failure and use these feelings to push ourselves to do things we love doing then these feelings can be overcome. I also know for most of us, this isn’t easy. To move into action and to find strength into using our time wisely can be tough. It is okay to some days not be able to do it. Depression is a journey of ups and downs. I know, as I have been there, but I am sure you have a dream, an idea or a hope. Just dedicating an hour  every day is a start on the stepping stones of change.

Dreams, Hopes & Ambitions

Learn to focus on your dream as your ray of light. Choose to make some movement towards making them real. Whatever you choose, a painting, learning a new skill, a new language to be spoken. To be able to travel, a job even…you CAN make it ALL happen.

If you need help starting your own life goals maybe it is worth contacting a life coach to help you stay motivated and give you new habits as a change in lifestyle can be one of the hardest things to sustain.

I hope you find this video from JK Rowling an inspiration to you to try to change things around as I did.

JK Rowling Depression

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