When we are suffering a mental discomfort, or in fact experiencing any kind of difficulty it can be really hard to ask for help. We all have pride and an ego that we must uphold that we are self sufficient, self reliant and incredibly ‘strong’. But what is true strength? Is it strong to walk alone and tackle everything yourself or is it stronger to seek help from those professionals who care about your welfare and understand how the mind works better than most in order to maintain good health? We explore the idea of strength in this blog post.

Would you say it is weak when you ask a mechanic to repair your car?

If you can’t lift something yourself because it is too heavy is asking that other person to help weak?

Or what if you wanted to know how to cook a special meal but didn’t know so you looked in a cookbook, is that weak?

No it isn’t, in fact looking for help can make you a stronger and more educated person than before.

A mechanic may (if they are kind) show you how your car broke down and how to avoid it in future, a chef may show you how to cook a meal perfectly and so seeking help from a professional therapist or healer can also give you skills and strategies to help maintain good mental health in future.

Therapy is not only help it is an education

Seeking someone who has been through or understands how a certain condition can be healed/repaired/soothed offer you empathy but also the ability to enhance your life and give you new skills to cope with life’s challenges in the future and to understand a lot more about the mind and how it works.

Like when we are going to school we don’t know the subjects we are studying we need our teachers to tell us the information to make us more educated and we ‘need’ them to help us become more intelligent and a therapist does the same.

We don’t know how to fix our minds but many therapists do and at times we need the help of professionals and those with knowledge…there is no shame in that.

Try different things

We are all individuals and we all have our own belief systems and morals that help us get through life. Selecting a therapy doesn’t always mean that the first therapy will work. For me, I tried counselling, CBT, EFT, Reiki, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy and more! The Hypnotherapy seemed to work best for me but for another having someone to talk through things with can really help.

You must try different therapies if the first one doesn’t work because there will always be one that just clicks with you and helps you more than you can imagine.

Don’t struggle alone

As humans we always work better when we work together and you should always try to get the help of another when you need it, there is no shame and if it helps, see the therapy as acquiring knowledge rather than being ‘treated’, life is too precious to let yourself suffer, you are here to enjoy your life and whether mentally or emotionally, they both CAN be healed!

Admit you are struggling IS strong

How many of us want to admit we need a helping hand? No one. Fact. That is why when you do finally reach out to a person who is a specialist in psychology or relaxation techniques you are showing strength of character and you are about to strengthen your mind too.

Everyone gets tired or overwhelmed now and then. Everyone experiences difficulties but some more than others. We all struggle with how we feel, especially when things go wrong again and again and again, I have been there but eventually I got angry with the situation and decided enough was enough.

Get the right help.

I always recommend getting professional advice first , seeing your GP, as they are the traditional ways of helping you find balanced health once more but even so, don’t expect them to have the answers… they may do, but if they don’t know that there is alternative help (exactly how the founder of BoM coped)! Do your own research and find therapies that not only seem to create balance in your mind but interest you and relax you too as I believe relaxation is hugely important in the healing process.

But each individual specialist to whom you open up to can take you a step closer to someone who’ll help you get through things and help you find life strategies.

Asking for help isn’t always easy, but it is always sensible and it is ALWAYS STRONG.

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