It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness. ~ unknown

This is a photograph of a boy from Afghanistan a place that has seen so much devastation since the terror attacks of 9/11.

Even so, his eyes tell a story of happiness, yet his clothes speak of someone with very little material wealth.

Happiness doesn’t always come with material things, as is often the case happiness gained through material gain is often short lived, artificial and satisfactory for a minor amount of time.

What would happen if a rich person was to loose all their money? Would they still be able to find contentment or would they struggle to find acceptance of themselves in their new life of poverty?

Don’t get me wrong, money isn’t a bad thing to strive for in life as money can help create opportunity for experiences and the ability to help others but it could also be true to say that ‘real’ happiness doesn’t come from outside ‘things’ and money, it comes from within, knowing yourself and learning to become care free of others opinions and society’s expectations and being able to let go of your ego, that is true, real happiness.

This is something that the founder of BoM admits, he would ignore when he was told from his holistic therapist mother as he was growing up.

Now, ten years later, he sees the wisdom of her words were correct, true happiness is being content in yourself, having good health mentally and physically. This is the basis for all other things you want to come into your life, build on good health of body and mind and everything else you want in life can fall into place.

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